Using 7 – Steps, To Transform Strategic Planning, To Quality Action Plans

If you wonder, why, it appears, these days, there is a significant dearth of genuine leadership, in so many organizations, so do, many others! Perhaps, the most significant, relevant reason, is, few groups, either, take the time, are prepared, understand, or are willing, to use professionally designed, leadership training programs, to enhance the potential of their leaders, to be, ready, for prime – time! One of the keys, is to teach these people, how to perceive and conceive of, and, then, create, a quality, strategic plan, and use it effectively, as a planning tool. When this is done, it serves as the basis, for a relevant, viable, sustainable, meaningful, and, hopefully, effective, action plan! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, a 7 – step, approach, to transform, strategic planning, to the best action plan, for the specific organization.

1. Needs goals/ perceptions: How can any leader, make a difference for the better, until/ unless, he takes the time, and makes a true effort, to fully understand the mission of the specific group, and how it relates the group’s, and constituent’s goals, and perceptions? Whatever the mind of man, can perceive and conceive, he can achieve.

2. Determine/ address priorities: Great leaders focus, and determine, the priorities of the group, beginning with effectively listening, and learning from every conversation, and experience, in order to proceed, with a high degree of expertise, and, hopefully, justice, and wisdom! He then, proactively, proceeds, to address these, in a systematic way, without delay, and/ or, procrastination!

3. Budget considerations and evaluations: If you want to achieve, you must take budgeting, and finances, seriously, so your group, can maximize the bang – for – the – buck! Instead of merely, going through the motions, it is important, to, periodically, develop a budget, using zero – based budgeting techniques!

4. Compare options and alternatives: Once, you’ve made a quality evaluation, with an open – mind, and evaluated costs, and benefits, proceed, to consider, and compare a variety of options, and alternatives, and determine the best course of action!

5. Plan A, B, C, etc: Since obstacles, and situations, happen, a wise leader prepares, not only with a primary plan, or, Plan A, but also, with several contingency approaches, in order to seamlessly proceed, forward, without delay, if conditions indicate, doing so.

6. Chart of responsibility: You can’t do it all, yourself, so it’s important to develop your team, and/ or, inner circle, and begin, with a clear – cut, Chart, and/ or Table of Responsibility. This efficient, effective approach, makes all efforts, more viable!

7. Implement strategically – based, action plan: Once you determine, what you seek to achieve/ accomplish, it’s important to ensure, your action plan, is a strategic one, which will address these needs, goals, and priorities.

Quality leaders, always, focus on the bigger – picture, in their quest, to become, as effective, as possible! Are you, up to the task?

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