Understanding Dot Net Security Framework

Dot Net is a highly popular platform for developing rich websites and web applications. While developing websites or web applications on .NET technology, the developers tend to follow the security model which makes the hosting, service offerings and coding more credible. A very strong security model is the major advantage of Dot Net framework, which is the reason it is extremely preferred compared to many other technologies that exists.

The .Net security model works in a synchronized way and automatically corrects the errors in the coding structure. This Dot net security model has few important components such as,

Code access security: Code Access Security (CAS) is the vital part of the .NET security model which actually decides whether or not the code is allowed to run, and what resources it can use when it is running. CAS is a security mechanism which uses evidence to help grant the right permissions to the right assembly.

Evidence based security: The evidence based security of Dot net framework works on the same lines of CAS. This sub system mostly includes the policy, permission, isolated storage and the evidence in order to provide a suitable execution atmosphere. In evidence based security the assembly code is examined during the runtime by the CLR

Cryptography: Cryptography is the art and science of keeping messages secure. Within the .net framework the cryptography consists of the digital signatures, random number generation, hashing and more, where the elements are easily accessible to the developers.

Role based security: In Role-based security, the security access level (permission) of the user is known by determining their role. It allows you to partition your web site according to the “role” of the user. That means that once a user is logged-in, the determination as to whether or not access to a resource is granted is based on the roles a user plays-such as “administrator”, or a “premium subscriber”, or a “guest”.

These above discussed points gives us only a brief view on the security aspect of the dot net framework. The best part of this security model is that the developers don’t require to generate heavy coding for developing a smart web structure.

The .NET development company makes sure that this security model is implemented properly so access by the unknown codes can be controlled easily and their dot net developers can come up with the robust dot net solutions for their clients.

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