Two Fun and Easy Christmas Crafts to Try With Your Kids

Christmas is a holiday where all kinds of kids crafts are created at home and in the school environment.

Crafts for kids, however should be an activity that should bring fun and excitement to children’s activities aside from adding a bonding to the adults that are doing the projects with them.

Educational arts and crafts is a way of doing crafts with children where they are not blindly copying the adults model but are creating things that they are capable of creating at their own developmental level.

When children create at their own level a number of things occur.

It creates a great feeling about themselves, as who can feel good about crafts projects that are copycat models of someone else’s. Kids crafts projects that are done by using their own creativity makes them feel so much better about themselves.

An additional benefit that educational arts and crafts has is its allowance for much greater creativity. When an adult does a project and want a child to copy it, it’s the perfect way to repress creativity.

There are a few categories that are part of educational art. There is the cafeteria style that allows children to choose materials to work with, there is process only art where the process is what counts along with a few more.

The point of it is that all of the crafts under educational arts and crafts should be age appropriate, and allow for freedom of creation and expression.

I am going to show you two extremely easy and inexpensive Christmas craft ornaments that you can make.

The first one uses plastic throwaway cups:

You will need to offer the children an array of colorful, permanent markers so they can color all over their cups. It will be a much nicer decoration if you get the kids to cover as much as you can with markers on the cup.

When they are done, take a cookie sheet and put the cups upside down on it and put in the over at around 350 degrees. Allow them to stay in for a few minutes as they melt. Watch them carefully so they don’t burn all the way down. As you can imagine, the cups and tray get really hot so the kids must be kept away until they get cool.

When they are cool, make a hole in the center and use colorful ribbon to hang as an ornament for your tree.

For our next craft you will use any unused or not needed DVD’s or CD’s.

Basically: Decorate them and hang them.

There are endless methods you can use to beautify the CD’s.

You can color with permanent markers, glue and glitter them, collage over them, decoupage over them, and decorate them with whatever shiny, decorative materials you can find. Once they are done, get some pretty ribbon and hang them from your tree. If you want to see what a crafts activity done in the cafeteria style is like then check out this Hanukkah Crafts collage

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