Top Tips for Students: What to Include in Your Record of Achievement Folder

With many students going onto college, higher education or employment at this time of the year, compiling a national record of achievement folder is a way that young people and prospective university students and employees can showcase their qualifications. But what do you need to include in record of achievement folders and why are they important when it comes to making the next step in your education or career?

Record of achievement folders are designed to help you organize your skills and qualities in a neat and concise way. Usually leather bound, these record of achievement folders allow students to organise their career planning goals, even during the early years of high school, with the recommended time to start your folder being in Year 7 to 9.

As well as helping you to define career objectives, it also becomes a vital and impressive document for you to take with you to interviews meaning you have all you need to bag your dream job in your chosen vocation. Overall, this folder is a great place to store documents like exam certification and other evidence of achievements during and after your time at secondary school.

Most pupils receive time in school or college to compile their national record of achievement with personal tutors being more than happy to help you build this document and structure your writing. Generally tutors will use templates to craft the contents of your folder to present a neat and detailed package for every student. Students start work on these records in Year 7 and completed templates are stored and print in the later years of high school so that each is up-to-date just in time for you to move onto further education.

Your record of achievement folder doesn’t just include certification of your qualifications, it will also contain your action plan from each year of high school to show employers and future tutors your progression and how you have achieved goals year-on-year. It will also include a personal statement, which is a vital part of any application to college or university. This personal statement explains why you are suitable for the course you are applying for. The record will also charter your achievements, experiences, skills and abilities, and contain your Curriculum Vitae (CV) and further details of your employment history if applicable.


Your record of achievement folder is a way that every student or job seeker can put their experiences and successes on paper, and could be just what you need to set you on the path to success!

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Source by Alan Clarke

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