Top 5 Metabolism Destroyers – Stop Storing Fat

You will not lose weight, even if you eat the top 20 positive hormone foods if you are doing these top 5 metabolism destroyers. These destroyers turn up your fat storing hormones and make you STORE fat!
1- Sugar
Sugar is an evil fat storer. Insulin is a hormone that helps us use calories as energy… but it also stores excess glucose as fat… and sugar produces an excess or both insulin and glucose! PLUS while here is insulin in your bloodstream your body will not burn fat. Considering the amount of sugar we eat today in everything from not only sweets but also breads, sauces and drinks it’s no surprise so many people are overweight.
2- Lack of sleep
Yes, sleep makes you thin! Some of the most important fat burning hormones produce high levels at different stages of sleep. Sleep also helps deal with stress and keep Cortisol levels down… another fat storage hormone and also helps control cravings so we don’t overeat. Three good reasons why you should be getting 8 hours of sleep per night.
3- Alcohol
Sorry but this is a big metabolism destroyer. It increases most of the fat storing hormones like Estrogen and Cortisol and reduces the fat burners like testosterone. Plus it increases the unbeatable hunger hormone Ghrelin which means overeating to many calories.
4- Belly Fat
Yes your fat is keeping you fat! Belly fat especially increases Insulin and Cortisol… which store MORE fat. It’s a nasty cycle but a small healthy weight loss reduces their impact dramatically. So Eliminate these metabolism destroyers out of your life and get your waist measurement down so you can increase your metabolism and burn even more fat.
5- Caffeine
OK so now I’m really going to ruin your life but caffeine is a huge destroyer. You may have heard that caffeine increases your metabolism and a little bit does… but not in the doses we drink it. It completely over stimulates the adrenal glands and increases estrogen, Cortisol and messes with the Thyroid. Keep it to a cup a day or switch to Green tea which doesn’t have the same effect.

Eliminate these destroyers out of your life and you can burn fat by speeding up your metabolism. Increasing your metabolism is the only way to achieve long term weight loss.

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