Tone And Sex Up With Exercise Sex

Exercise sex isn’t all about unflattering 70’s style unitards and a hippy attitude towards sex. In it’s simplest form sex exercise, is actually a very easy and effective way of exercising without even realizing you’re doing it. A combination of sexual activity and exercise, it provides a cardiovascular work out by increasing the heart rate while toning and conditioning the body at the same time. And the beauty of exercise sex is that it’s brilliant for those who struggle to find motivation for the gym, but don’t need any persuasion for a work out between the sheets!
Regular sex does wonders for the mind and body but by consciously using exercise sex, (or sexercise as it’s also known) you can improve your body without a lot of effort. An exercise sex workout can be as simple as focusing on those all important Kegal muscles, to light stretching with your partner or even a more intense circulatory workout.
You can use it to engage particular muscles groups during normal sex sessions, or can even actively use it as part of your regular fitness and sexual routines. And by setting exercise sex goals, you can achieve an overall better fitness, or for the super keen, you can even work towards extreme flexibility in order to engage in more erotic advanced sex positions.
So whether your aim is just to build up a sweat, tone and strengthen your body or eventually get in to the Viennese Oyster sex position, there is a level of sexual exercises to suit everyone. And with approximately 350 calories burned during sex in a half hour sex session alone, it’s definitely an incentive to keep you orgasmically happy as well as beautifully toned.
So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get busy with sexy exercise! And it’s the regular every day sex positions as detailed below, that can help you burn fat, target stubborn areas and achieve an overall, fitter healthier body and a super sexy glow.
Missionary Position Targets: Outer and inner thighs, Upper and lower abdominals and Gluteal and those super important Kegal Muscles
Missionary isn’t just for lying there, and with variations is a fabulous exercise sex workout. With regular stretching or just from opening your legs, you are lengthening, stretching and toning your inner thighs. Wrapping your legs around your partner’s lower back, and rocking your pelvis to match his thrust is an incredible work out for your abs and those normally hard to engage lower abdominal muscles. Missionary is also a fantastic workout for your gluteal muscles. Feet on the ground lift and pulse your butt up towards your partner whilst squeezing your glutes as hard possible.
A great treat for your partner in missionary position is to squeeze your kegal muscles while he is inside you. Not only does this sexy exercise create a supreme pleasure for him, it also strengthens and tightens your all important lady muscle.
Cowgirl Position Targets: Abdominals, Upper and lower back muscles, Shoulders and Forearms.
Cowgirl position offers a myriad of sexual exercises. It’s great for working your abdominals and you can also engage your lower back muscles by arching your back during bucking bronco position. Still on top lean forward and place your hands on either side of your partner’s head taking the weight on your arms. This is good endurance for your upper body but also a strong workout for your upper and lower abdominals and gluteal muscles. Continue to move your hips up and down during penetration. A tremendous exercise sex workout!
Doggy Position Targets: Forearms, Triceps, Pectorals, Shoulder blades, Glutes and Kegal Muscles.
Doggy position offers many sexercise techniques and is a particularly great way to build your upper body strength. Position yourself by leaning on your forearms and clasping your hands together. Set your shoulders back and squeeze your hands engaging the muscles in your forearms, shoulders and across the back of your shoulders. Actively try to keep this position as best you can. If you have strong wrists you can also try doggy in a ‘push up’ position for toning of your shoulders, arms and back.
When you’re arms get tired and you need a break, you can try to focus on squeezing your kegal muscles as he penetrates you in and out. This sexy exercise will engage your core and target your abs and you can also squeeze your glutes for maximum exercise sex effect.
Legs On Shoulders is always a popular sex position but if you’re not as flexible in your quads as you once were, this position is excellent for improving the flexibility in the back of your legs. This is a hot sexercise position and to get the most out of it you will need to focus on your breathing while instructing your partner to gradually push each leg back towards you very slowly going a little further each time.
This is also a great position for him to move in to the scissors sex position. As he plunges in and out, he alternates opening your legs out wide to shut and crossed back over. This is an excellent exercise sex workout for your inner thighs, and it feels great too.
Sex exercise is great for everyone at any level of fitness. If you’re fit enough to have sex you’re fit enough for a sex workout. Set a goal and work with your partner to gradually increase your stamina, endurance and improve your flexibility. Remember to stretch after each session and over time you may be able to comfortably engage in more difficult sex positions such as the Wheelbarrow position or standing doggy position.
If you don’t currently have an exercise sex workout partner, but love the idea of working out with the added ability of self pleasure, then consider the sexercise ball with an added vibrator attachment! A fantastic way to tone while still getting your rocks off!

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