Tips & Tricks to Enlarge Your Penis – How to Jelq to Pack More Size

So you’re worried about the size of your penis and want to enlarge it hey? Welcome to the club…according to some psychologists it’s an anxiety that 90 percent of men share to a greater or lesser degree.

So how can you enlarge your penis? Well we’ll look at that in a second…but first it might be helpful to know a couple of important facts.

Firstly, the average penis measures between 5.5 and 6 inches when erect (contrary to the commonly quoted figure of 6.5 – 7 inches) and secondly, most women seem to be quite happy with ‘Mr Average’. So if your anxiety was based on some false notion that you weren’t average or that the women of your dreams would burst out in uncontrollable hysterics when you pulled down your pants for the first time, fear not…your 5 – 6 inch penis can stand proud.

But if the above doesn’t help…and you feel that having a larger penis would vastly improve your confidence for whatever reason, then read on. There’s no shame in wanting to improve yourself or your body…and that applies to your penis too. The important thing is that you do it for the right reasons…as a personal goal of self achievement, not out of an act of desperation.

Manual Penis Enlargement Techniques – The Jelq

Fortunately you don’t have to resort to penis enlargement surgery to improve the dimensions of your favourite friend. A few hand performed techniques (often referred to as penis exercises) are all it takes to transform your penis into the winner of this year’s biggest prize cucumber award.

A very well known penis enlargement exercise is called the Jelq. This exercise uses blood held within the penile shaft to stretch the erectile tissue. Over time, the Jelq exercise enables the penis to fill with greater volumes of blood when erect, which should help to improve penis girth and also add a little length.

Below I’ll detail the basic beginner version of this exercise, which will help your penis to get accustomed to the stresses and strains of exercise.

How to Jelq

  1. Achieve a partial erection – between 50 – 70 percent of your full erect capacity.

    2. Apply a non-irritating, slow drying lubricant to your penis – baby oil makes a good choice.

    3. Grasp around the base of your penile shaft with your right hand using an ‘OK sign’ grip. You should grasp tightly enough to trap the blood within the penis.

    4. Maintaining a firm grip, slide your hand along the length of your penis. This should force the blood up towards the tip – causing the erectile tissue to stretch beyond its normal limits.

    5. When your right hand reaches just behind your penile head, release and repeat the motion with your left hand.

    6. Each ‘milking motion’ should take about 3 seconds to complete.

    7. Start off gradually – performing 50 reps or so for the first week, then gradually build up the intensity.

Important Tip: Before performing the Jelq or any other type of penis enlargement exercise it’s extremely important to properly ‘warm up’ – just like you’d do in the gym. This ensures that there’s a healthy amount of blood flowing into the penis before you begin, which helps to ‘loosen up’ the penile tissues and therefore limits the risk of injury.

To warm up your penis simply wrap a warm damp flannel around both your penis and testicles for a couple of minutes. When the cloth has lost its heat, soak the flannel in warm water and reapply for another couple of minutes. Once you’ve finished, your penis should look just like you’ve taken a soak in a hot bath – it should hang lower, look pretty pink and your penile veins should look prominent.

It’s also a good idea to repeat the above process as a ‘cool down’ after your Jelqing session. The cool down keeps the blood pumping through the penis, which in turn should help recovery.

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