Tips to Reduce Abdominal Fat

It requires a lot of time, patience and discipline to shed fat from the stomach. Excess fat in this region not only looks unattractive but a person is prone to several ailments due to weight gain. The heart and gall bladder are the major organs that get affected. Both men and women are prone to gain weight in the abdominal area but women add on extra inches post delivery due to changes in the body.

Tips to reduce weight from the abdomen:

o Do regular aerobic exercises like cycling, swimming, jogging. Play football and/or basket ball. These exercises break the fat stored in the system and burn the excess calories.

o Deep breathing helps in burning fat fast.

o Have a low-calorie diet that contains fibre, green vegetables, unsaturated fats, fruits and wheat bran.

o Reduce the intake of salt.

o Eat your dinner by 6:30 PM. No salt should be consumed after this. An apple, orange, or pear can be had at bed-time.

o Stair Climbing helps reduce the abdomen.

o Lie flat on your back. Keep your hands under your head. Raise your legs, keeping the knees bended, and bring forward so that the knees touch the chest. This exercise is very effective as a lot of pressure is put on the abdomen.

o Boost your metabolism through boosters such as Green Tea, Nuts, Coco Beans and husk.

o Have a balanced nutritious diet: For breakfast have wheat cereals with skim milk, white of a boiled egg, a glass of orange juice and brown bread toast without butter. For Lunch have a soup, a baked non-vegetarian or vegetarian dish (without processed cheese) and a fruit. For dinner have a clear vegetable or chicken broth soup, green salads, and a dessert made of skimmed milk and using a sugar free sweetener.

It is not only important to look attractive but also to be healthy. If the tips given above are followed weight loss will be gradual, the digestive system will remain clean, toxins will be removed and overall there will be an increase in energy levels along with having a trimmer abdomen.

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