Tips to Protect Art Prints

The art prints are beautiful creation to collect. However, since these are intrinsically fragile, it is difficult to protect them properly. It is because prints can be physically damaged by the heat and humidity or when you display them in sunny room. Actually, there are some best ways to protect these creations. Just take a look at the following tips and get your art prints last longer.

If you are the artist, you can use care in the creation of the images. Or, if you are the collector, you can choose prints skillfully. If you are printing on acidic papers, it can make the art prints to yellow and crumble over time. Also, the use of tape, glue, or other mounting materials can cause the chemical of the print arts change so that it can potentially make them damaged.

The next thing that you can do for protecting your art prints is by displaying them wit care. The most essential factor that can make these creations damaged is the ultraviolet rays from sunlight. So, you have to avoid hanging your prints in the sunny areas. You can use blinds, curtains, or other framing materials for controlling the UV exposure. Also, you can use the acid-free backing paper and matting materials instead of using tape or glue.

The other great way to protect your art prints is by controlling the humidity where they are stored or displayed. It is because humidity can create brownish spots and molding on the print. Besides, humidity can also create attraction for the insects like silverfish which can eat holes in your art prints. Additionally, the acidic air pollution in major cities can also cause problems. You need to make sure that the humidity is at least 40 percents and it remains constant. Thus, you can be sure that your art prints are certainly safe.

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