Tips to Hold Effective Meeting in TQM Improvement Project for Success

This TQM article provides tips to hold an effective meeting for team members in their TQM Improvement Project. It is a practical approach that collated from TQM projects undertaken by me.

To ensure effectiveness of a meeting for TQM improvement project, there are a number of considerations that will help team leader to run meeting smoothly and productively. Due consideration should be given to before the meeting, In beginning of meeting, during the meeting and In ending the meeting. Detail are described below:-

Before the meeting

  1. Determine the agenda (objectives) of the meeting
  2. Plan how to accomplish your objectives
  3. Decide regular team members and who else will be invited to the meeting
  4. Determine where the meeting will be held
  5. Decide the date and time of the meeting
  6. Send out meeting notice and agenda
  7. Make arrangement for room set up and equipment to be used
  8. Come to the meeting room early (30 minutes) to set up the room and test all equipment.

In Beginning of the meeting

  1. Start on time ( wait for maximum 5 minutes )
  2. Review and confirm agenda
  3. Make the time limits clear
  4. Review action items from the previous meeting, if any.

During the Meeting

  1. Make sure the group stays focused on the agenda and issue discussed
  2. Be prepared to change tools if it does not work well

In ending the meeting

  1. Establish action items and assign person responsible
  2. Summarize the meeting session and set the date, place and objectives for the next meeting
  3. Evaluate the meeting ( by you or group )
  4. Ending the meeting with positive note and on time
  5. Put the room back to order
  6. Prepare the minutes
  7. Follow up on action items and plan carefully for the next meeting

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