Tips for Navigating Through Life

1. LOVE YOURSELF–Probably the most important tip for anyone is to love yourself just the way you are. The more you love and appreciate yourself, the more those around you appreciate you. We are all unique expressions of pure positive energy. We weren’t put here to fit into a mold and to conform to anyone else’s standards. Appreciate your own unique beauty and talents.

2. COMPLAIN LESS-APPRECIATE MORE– Be grateful for all the wonderful people and things in your life. Point your attention to the things in your life that ARE working out well. Appreciate the good things around you. The more you appreciate exactly where you are right now, the more life sends you other good things to appreciate.

3. CONTROL WHAT YOU CAN-Catch yourself when you start to complain about some external event and remind yourself to control what you can; your thoughts and your reaction to situations. You have the power to shift your perspective on any situation to something more positive simply by adjusting your thoughts. There will always be times in your life that are unsettling. That’s normal. It is during those times that you redefine what it is that you truly want from life. From the unsettling times comes more clarity. So, if you can train yourself to bless those moments and focus on what it is you DO want instead, you will gradually see your life shape up the way you want it to.

4. WORDS ARE POWERFUL. USE THEM WELL — Use your words to uplift, encourage and motivate. Words are very powerful. Add your voice to the many that are already singing positive “songs”!! There is power in numbers and light always wins over darkness!!

5. YOU AREN’T SUPPOSED TO BE “PERFECT”– We are works in progress. We were not born to already have all the answers or to be “perfect”. How boring would that be? We’re here to sort through life’s circumstances; the good, the not so good, the phenomenal. We’re here to figure out which of those experiences bring us joy and to seek out more of those. We’re here to realize that everyone else may have different preferences, but that’s OK! Today, think about molding the clay of your life any way you want. And, tomorrow, feel free to remold and start again! Enjoy your life as it progresses. You’re doing great!!!!

6. YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE– You get what you give in this life. Send out loving, kind thoughts and you get those reflected back to you. However, the step many forget is that the most important love we can give is our love of self. When we love ourselves, take care of ourselves, and respect ourselves, then we set the tone for how others react to us. Love yourself and send that love out into the world!

7. EVERYDAY IS A NEW DAY–Every day is a new chapter. You get to decide to turn the page. Each night before you go to sleep make it your intention to rest well and let the day be done. In the morning, awaken in your comfortable bed and spend just a few moments in gratitude and appreciation for all of the blessings in your life. Leave the negative stuff behind and start on the new story of your own fabulous life!

8. ALWAYS REACH FOR JOY — If you had a choice to head towards joy or sorrow, which way would you turn? Well, you DO have that choice, every moment of every day. Of course, some situations in life make it hard to feel joyous, but if you make it your intention to feel as good as you can, you will find that things go smoother for you. Your focus helps to create your experience. Reach for the thoughts that make you feel as good as you can and you with weather all the ups and downs of life.

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