Timely Tips to Step Out of Angry Time Traps

Anger is one of the most challenging time traps there is. But once you recognize the traps, you can begin to free yourself and boost your effectiveness!
Let’s explore 3 anger traps that may be familiar to you. Then I’ll share a powerful exercise that can free you in just 3 simple steps.
3 Anger Traps

   <li> <strong>Reliving your anger keeps you stuck. </strong>Rehearsing, justifying, and fuming are huge time-wasters that keep you spinning and get you nowhere. Time moves on while you tread water. </li> 
   <li> <strong>Leaking or spewing your anger destroys relationships AND effectiveness. </strong>Sooner or later your anger will escape and things get messy! Splattered anger hurts others and lowers self-esteem. Work takes longer and results don't shine! </li> 
   <li> <strong>Denial blinds you and dulls your judgment. </strong>You can't deal with something if you deny it. Not only that, but when you tune out anger, you lose clarity more generally. Your powers of observation and decision-making suffer, and you are more likely to make mistakes... losing more time! </li> 

  Here's a simple exercise to restore your effectiveness, safeguard key relationships, and ultimately help you save your time from sneaky anger traps!
  <strong>3 Steps to Spring the Anger Trap and Free Up Your Time</strong>

   <li> <strong>Let the anger out - in an <em>unsent </em>anger letter. </strong>This is a powerful tool for relieving the stress that anger creates. Write a letter to the person or situation that has you angry, and censor nothing. Letting off steam now makes it possible for you to think clearly later. Once you're finished, do some stretching and move your energy. Try rereading your letter(s) and see what you discover. What happens to your sense of personal power? Bring this to the next step. </li> 
   <li> <strong>Strengthen your autonomy to empower yourself. </strong>As you take responsibility for your responses, you gain a sense of power, as well as increased flexibility when it comes to how you use your time. When you let go of reactivity and know that you can address this anger and fix your problem independently, you set yourself free. Self-confidence grows, the weight of anger lightens, and you free up your time. More and more, you'll be using your time to live your best life! </li> 
   <li> <strong>Proactively move ahead to resolve the source of your anger. </strong>You don't need to wait. Go ahead and create action steps to resolve whatever lies at the source of your anger. This is something you do on your own, without reference to others' choices. As you do this, notice how the more power <em>you</em> claim over your time choices, the less power anyone else exerts over you! And there's an added benefit; your relationships improve. Productivity flourishes then no one is in a tug-of-war; and you accomplish more in less time!</li> 

  <p>This practical exercise profoundly shifts the balance of power when it comes to your time choices. As you shift from reactivity to a proactive, self-referenced orientation, expect to be surprised. You'll develop a whole new level of self-awareness, along with greatly enhanced skill when it comes to managing your moments.</p> 

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