The Use of Different Types of Artist Brushes

It is manufactured to meet the requirements of artists. An excellent paint brush can work wonders and bring life to any canvas. With over a million brushes available in the markets today, it is quite a task to choose the right kind of it. However, by following certain basic rules, it is possible to select the appropriate it. Artists usually choose it according to the ability of the brush to hold the paint, the elasticity ability to make a single point.

Selecting From Among a Wide Variety

Different Materials

It can be basically categorized into two- the natural and the synthetic. The natural is quite expensive and include bristles made of the natural hair of animals such as squirrels, goat, sable and so forth. There are many distinctive varieties of it made of the natural hair of squirrels which are known as Squirrel hair paint brushes. It has soft bristles and long pointed tips. Most suitable for water color paints, it is expensive as well as worth its price.

The Kolinsky sable is the most expensive which can be used with thin acrylic paints. It is one of the softest brushes that can be used with water color paints too. Its unique and beautiful shape makes it a favourite tool among renowned artists.

Another natural paint brush includes the Bristles which can hold paint in huge amounts. It is strong as well as durable. Having split ends, this brush can be used with acrylic and oil paints.

Natural artist brushes also include the Pure Red sable which has a number of unique features apart from being soft and suitable for different kinds of paints.

The Synthetic is basically made of nylon and are quite similar to the natural hair brushes. But the synthetic brushes are reasonably priced unlike the natural hair brushes. There are mainly two varieties of synthetic artist brushes- the white colored and the orange colored brushes.

Different Shapes

It is available in different shapes which include fan, filberts, mop, flat, and round brushes. Round brushes are apt for beginners as various techniques can be experimented with this paint brush. It is one of the most versatile and useful brushes.

The fan brush is quite ideal for blending different colors. The flat brush is suitable for filling areas with its wide shape. It has different uses and it is important to understand the use of each to purchase them.

How to Clean Artist Brushes

It is very important to clean the brushes immediately after use. Make sure to wash them in warm soap water if you use water colors. In the case of oil paints, it is best to wash your artist brushes in turpentine. Drying them with a soft tissue is a good idea. Store the brushes in an upright position to ensure the life of its bristles. Authentic brushes lasts for a long period of time if properly used and maintained.

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