The Truth About Jon Benson EODD Fitness Diet

The truth is that Jon Benson’s EODD fitness diet is not for everyone. Some claim it’s a scam while others have claimed Jon Benson’s EODD fitness diet an answer to their prayers. If you have every joined a diet plan, worked it for a few weeks and fell off only to find yourself online searching for yet another program to join, you may want to consider a few points before your next purchase.

Why did you fail in the first place? Was it a strict diet that left you feeling hungry all the time and it was just a matter of time that you would fail? Was it an exercise program that demanded at least an hour a day with vigorous workouts that you just couldn’t keep up with. You started putting off workouts for another day until a whole week went by before you realized it just wasn’t going to work for you? To really decide if Jon Benson’s EODD fitness diet will work for you, you should have a general idea of what didn’t work before and compare it to what this program has to offer.

How does it work? Well for anyone who spends at least 3 nights a week at the gym might not be interested in Jon Benson’s EODD fitness diet program. Not to say that one couldn’t benefit from it, but this program is certainly geared for those who have failed previous diets and those who don’t have much time to exercise everyday. Going against traditional diet plans, Jon Benson’s EODD fitness diet focuses on calorie shifting not cutting. Majority of diets focus on cutting down your daily calorie intake everyday to force your metabolism to burn body fat. While this may seem like a good idea, what ends up happening is your body can predict you calorie intake and from there adjusts your metabolism accordingly. This usually leads to your metabolism slowing down and you feel like you are starving yourself without much success of losing a lot of weight.

Jon Benson’s EODD fitness diet focuses on shifting your calories from day to day to confuse your metabolism to work harder everyday to keep up with all of the calories you consume. For example-on one day you eat whatever you want… pasta, tacos, ice cream, cheeseburgers or whatever you want. Now the very next day you eat lighter and focus on eating foods that are rich in protein. Protein helps your body burn fat. What happens is your metabolism is still working as hard as the first day when you ate your favorite foods so when you eat lighter and healthier foods, your metabolism burns these calories at the exact same rate-leading you to shed off pounds of fat while following a moderate exercise plan. All of this is outlined step by step in the program.

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