The Three M’s of Stress Relief Tips

Many times we encounter an unusually heaver load of stress that we must carry in our lives. Perhaps it has to do with money circumstances, family or relationship problems or may be due to an illness or injury. Whatever the cause of the stress there are certainly some stress relief tips that can utilized in order to keep the stress levels under control and managed well enough that they no longer pose a problem to your everyday functioning.

We are all so quick to reach for the pills when we suffer a stressful period in our life, but reaching for a chemical remedy can prove more detrimental to ones health than affective. Many of the pills and anti depressants that are prescribed by doctors don’t actually allow the patient to manage stress, they simply mask the emotions associated with it.

Some effective stress relief tips would include the three M’s: Movement, Mental diversion and also Meditation. Movement is an effective way of asking the body to release the feel good endorphins that will have you mentally picked up in no time at all. A simple brisk walk, perhaps even swimming a few laps can help your stress levels immensely. Walking your dog can be a very effective stress reducer as it allows for physical exercise as well as the interaction between human and animal. This interaction has been proven to be beneficial in stress reduction.

Meditation and mental diversion can be achieved at the same time through the effective use of certain type of music. Music has long been associated to inducing brain activity for the listener. There is a genre of music that is able to pump subliminal sounds through to the brain and result in a very deep meditative state, which effectively causes relaxation and calmness. This is a very useful way to achieve relaxation and a simple option when seeking stress relief tips.

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