The Steps To Becoming Well Endowed With Natural Methods – What To Expect – I Went From 5.5" to HUNG

The way I went from having a below average penis size to being very well endowed was by following a very simple and straightforward natural penis enlargement program where I used nothing except my own two hands (and a hot wet wash cloth to warm up) to enlarge my penis. This is the method I recommend for any guy wanting to get bigger, because the bottom line is it works, it works quickly, and it works permanently. You will not see results even close to what I achieved naturally by using pills, pumps, extender devices, or even surgery. If you take action with natural penis enlargement methods like I did, the following is what you should expect as you progress toward your target size.

1. Your penis will start feeling “fuller” when flaccid (within two weeks). Even before you start seeing your first erect size gains, you’ll notice within the first couple weeks of exercising your penis with your hands that it feels more full and plump in the flaccid state. You may even start to gain the confidence to let the towel drop in the gym locker room before you get your boxers pulled up! The reason your penis will feel like this in the flaccid state is because one of the benefits of penis exercises is to improve the health of the blood vessels in that region and to promote better blood flow. Blood will flow better to your penis throughout the day which will result in a more meaty flaccid hang rather than a shriveled up turtle head!

2. Your erections will become stronger and more frequent (within two weeks). Even before you see a discernible increase on the ruler, your erections will feel fuller and stronger and you will get them more often. This is also due to improved blood flow and improved penis health in general. You’ll also find that doing penis exercises with your hands keeps you more “in touch” with your penis and you’ll start feeling more confident about it even before it is noticeably bigger. Therefore, your libido will increase and you will see more spontaneous erections. I especially noticed this effect of natural penis enlargement after only a day or two of working out!

3. Your penis will start feeling thicker when you masturbate (within three to four weeks). The way I noticed that I was truly gaining in girth was that when I gripped my penis during masturbation, there was less overlap between my thumb and fingers. When I pulled out the tape measure to confirm, lo and behold, I was actually developing a thicker penis! I remember that moment because it provided huge motivation to keep going. It was a, “yes, I really am making my penis bigger!” moment. The majority of guys are like me and noticed girth gains before length gains, but that isn’t always the case — your mileage my vary.

4. You see your first length gains (within four weeks). I noticed my length change on the ruler for the first time after four weeks of exercising. This is why I recommend that once you start a natural penis enlargement routine, you don’t measure again until you’ve completed four solid weeks of workouts. Even if you’re a fast gainer, you’re not going to notice the small incremental changes that take place on a day-to-day basis, so why measure every day or even every week? Once every four weeks is enough to gauge your progress, and your gains will be big enough to give you big monthly shots of motivation! Even more motivating is the knowledge that everything you gain… is permanent!

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