The Sedona Method Review: Could It Possibly Be A Lot Of Hype?

This particular Sedona Method Review comes from my own initial experience with the program over six years ago. For those who have never read anything at all in the past in regards to the Sedona Method, the course is actually created by Hale Dwoskin of Sedona Training Associates to help individuals develop significantly greater happiness, peace, success and well-being. This is accomplished through “letting go” or releasing constraining thoughts, feelings and emotions which might be continuing to keep you back from the outcomes that you ought to have.

The Sedona Method was first actually founded by Lester Levenson in 1952, when at the time ill-health and unhappiness subsequently spurred him on to transform his life around. His doctors had sent him home to pass away although after only 3 months of learning his unique releasing method, Lester became astonishingly healthy and at over-all tranquillity with himself and the world. After teaching lots of people the technique over a 20 year interval, he made a decision to formalize the Sedona Method into an organized method in 1973. Lester died in 1994, however Hale Dwoskin took over the firm and came to be in a position to contribute this method to many thousands of individuals, certainly more so with the arrival of the internet.

My Personal Experience

Just as I talked about before, the following Sedona Method Review commenced some years ago right after I became initially aware of it. I had been pretty much well and truly into meditation on the Holosync Program when Bill Harris sent an email promoting the Sedona Method. The Sedona Method basically compliments meditation very nicely, because it helps you release virtually any negative inner thoughts which may come up during meditation. I actually still use the Sedona Method even to this very day, however, not as regularly as I did to start with. I find the beauty of this technique is this: it is so simple and the end results are actually a lot faster than other different types of self help. I basically make use of it currently to boost and further improve the progress which I have generated during the last 6 years.


Among the big advantages doing this method is your 180 day money-back guarantee in case you are not thoroughly satisfied with it. Having said that, remember the fact that this program was launched officially in 1973 and was previously in existence for more than twenty years before that… so that will be more or less 60 years overall in operation. It really is a decent track record for virtually any product, let alone a real challenging industry as personal development. It has the “runs on the board”, as it were.

The entire comprehensive training course is distributed with twenty audio CDs and a 198 page work-book, enabling you to listen often to the tracks in order to digest the material. And the work-book gets you to implement the information you learn and fully EXPERIENCE to have the success you want.


At $298, the Sedona Method Course may perhaps be out of reach for some individuals. Simply consider that the end results that you receive with this program totally over-shadow the price tag. And once again, if this really doesn’t enable you to get the results you expected, you may send it back for a full refund. Also, as for any beneficial program out there, you need to use the content and do some tangible WORK in order to gain the results you would like. The truth is that quite a few people will fail right away since they simply won’t implement exactly what is required.

I personally have picked up an incredible amount from the Sedona Method Program over the 6 years which I have used it, and I whole-heartedly endorse it. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose with the 180 day money-back guarantee that they offer, and just about everything to gain. Thanks for reading my Sedona Method Review. Take good care.

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