The Most Important Secret to Building Confidence With Horses (It’ll Give You Courage!)

When I share with people the story of losing my confidence for riding, they usually have 2 reactions. First, they are surprised to find out how scared I was (shaking in my riding boots scared). Second, they ask me “If you were so scared, how did you get to be so confident now?”
The Secret
I regained my confidence because my ‘why’ was stronger than my fear. If I didn’t do the work that was necessary to regain my confidence, I would have had to give up doing what I love best and find another way to make a living.
I love teaching other horse lovers how to get the best out of themselves and out of their horses. I love seeing them develop confidence, improve their skills and build better partnerships with their horses. I love seeing the positive transformation of the human and the horse.

     It takes desire, dedication and determination to regain your confidence. It takes courage to take even baby steps forward when you are 'shaking in your riding boots scared'. 

    Think of one specific reason you want to be with or ride horses. Maybe it's so that you can enjoy spending time supporting your horse crazy child or partner without feeling stressed or anxious. Maybe you want to be able to enjoy a trail ride in the woods or along the beach with your best friend. Or maybe you want to be able to do your best in the show ring.
    Whatever your reason is, write about it in your journal, create a collage about it or visualize it. Be as detailed as you can possibly be using all five senses. What do you feel? What do you smell? What do you hear? What do you see? What will you gain? How will your life better? At least once a day read what you've written, look at your collage or run through your visualization like you're watching a movie.
    Keeping your 'why' in the forefront of your mind will give you the courage to push through the difficult times. Those times when you just want to quit because it seems to overwhelming. Those times when you don't feel like you're making any progress.
    <p>Then remember to recognize the baby steps you make and congratulate yourself for them. Any forward movement is good - it's movement in the right direction. You'll get there. I know you can. Because I've been where you are and I did it.</p> 

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