The Double Tap Martial Arts Fighting Strategy

The double tap strategy has been demonstrated to be effective in both martial arts sparring, tournaments and self-defense situations. Below are some martial arts and self-defense combinations involving this strategy….

What is The Double Tap in Reference to Martial Arts and Self-Defense?

The double tap is attacking the exact same spot on your attacker with the exact same technique. The most common example of the double tap is the double boxing jab.

What Are The Advantages of The Double Tap

Quite often, after a martial artist or self-defense practitioner has defended against an attack, the martial artist or self-defense practitioner will often leave that area open.

Here’s an example which I’ve actually executed successfully:

Execute a double jab to your opponents head. Fully expect the first technique to be blocked, but the opponent will then lower his/her guard so he/she can see over his/her gloves. The attack doesn’t stop with just the technique though the same exact technique is executed at the same target but this time your opponent is struck because he/she lowered his/her guard after the initial attack!

Another advantage of the double tap attack method is the simplicity!

It’s quite possible for a person in the very beginning stages of martial arts or self-defense training to successfully execute this method of attack.

Easier to develop a defense

More years ago than I care to remember, I read the results of a study which theorized that what martial artists lack in offense is also lacked in defense. It makes perfect sense if you think about it. If your martial arts stresses feet for example and some guy throws a haymaker (sloppy circular hooking type punch) at you and you’ve rarely practiced against hand attacks let alone nonmartial arts techniques, there’s a good chance you could be caught off guard and get hit! The best way I’ve heard this described is we fight the way we train.

What Are The Disadvantages of The Double Tap

An opponent with experience with that method will leave his/her defenses in the same spot and counter-attack easily as opposed to some of the more complicated fighting strategies such as high-low.

A martial arts or self-defense opponent who evades via side-stepping or moving backward neutralizes this attacking method.

For example another favorite attack of mine is the double front roundhouse kick to the groin. You should see the expression on people’s faces when the attack is successful on them. If however, the opponent slides in off tangent toward me I am now to close to execute a second front roundhouse kick and my opponent is in a good position for hand counter-attacks.

As a side not caution is advised when executing kicks. There is a tendency to lower one’s hands and drop one’s head and eyes when executing a low kick thus leaving one vulnerable to a counter-attack to the head usually by the opponent’s hands since the low gaze would catch a foot movement.


The double tap is a good martial arts and self-defense strategy to add to your repertoire of tools and weapons. As with all concepts you read you’re choices are simple:

Figure out immediately what’s wrong with it and why you shouldn’t even bother trying it out Try it out, make changes, make it yours.

Such is life.

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