The Best Investment Most People Don’t Care About

Many are looking for investment opportunities that would yield them a lot of money. They shop around for such investments while others just rely on others opinion of such investment opportunities without really understanding why that investment is good.

I agree with Brian Sher an Australian foremost business expert that when people think about succeeding, they more often than not think about working harder, meeting more people or having more capital and less about sitting down and reading a book or asking someone questions about their business. Learning and self improvement comes from reading books, understudying someone who is succeeding in an area you are interested in, observing what happens around you and even attending seminars and hands on trainings. Reading is one way of getting into the minds of others. It seems that the common idea of success does not include learning and that is where many people go wrong. The interesting thing is that many are not aware that the returns on an investment in learning and self improvement far outstrip any other investment you can think of.

Why is learning and self improvement necessary?

It opens your eyes to opportunities you would ordinarily not have seen.

It minimises the mistakes you would have made. This is because you would have read or observed the mistakes others made and avoid them.

It enables you prepare and make the most of any opportunity that comes your way.

You get fresh positive ideas that you can implement in your life with creativity.

There are different areas of success education which include but may not be limited to the following:

o Reading: Reading is the fastest way to educate yourself. How many books do you read in a week? A month? A Year? How many books have you started reading and stopped at the first chapter? Go back and finish reading those books and increase the number of books you read every month. The solution to that problem you have been searching for might just be in the next book you would read or which you have abandoned.

o Keeping Relationships: You need to educate yourself on how to relate with people. No matter the success you are looking for, it lies in people. All the money spinning opportunities you search for can be found through people. Just consider the following words: joint venture, business operation, negotiation and networking. All these words connote people. So you need to acquire the skills of how to relate to people. Begin to TAKE ACTION right now! Ask yourself : Are you are a cheerful person? Are you courteous to people you meet? Are you class conscious? Begin to look for things in your life that do not enhance relationships with others and put them in the trash can. Get focused and start acquiring people skills today.

o Skills Acquisition: Do you have a flair for something that a little training could polish and enable you to begin to make some income from it? Then what are you waiting for, go get that training TODAY. Do not put it off till tomorrow.

o Time Management: You need to know how to effectively manage your time. Time management is said to be the bedrock of success. How many hours do you spend sleeping? You may need to cut down especially if you are among those that spend 8 to 9 hours in bed! This only means you have about 15 hours left to share for meals, family and work which would not really make you productive. It also means you spend an average of two thirds of your life sleeping!

o Understand An Investment Before Plunging In: Do not be pennywise, pound foolish. You need to understand any investment you want to put your money in. If not, you may end up losing good money. We are not saying you must become a Professor in the subject but if you truly want to succeed, it is mandatory that you have a working knowledge of the subject.

o Understand Your Health:You need to know about your health condition. Are there foods that would endanger your health? Avoid them. Are there certain things you need to know in managing some health condition you have? Why not take time today and start knowing them?

If you take time, spend the money and take the required action of investing in your education, the knowledge you acquire remains with you and you can always use it as a foundation to develop ideas that you can turn into success. Remember that ideas make people good, good money. Look at the idea of the web, the idea of electricity, the idea of aeroplanes, the idea of a crèche and a thousand other ideas; do we need say more to convince you that ideas really generate tons of money?

Get moving right now and begin to TAKE that action to invest in yourself because there is no other investment that can give you better returns.

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