The Best Home Business Opportunity – Start A Kids Jumper Business

Ok…I’m sure your first question is probably “What the heck is a Kids Jumper Business?” Well, it’s actually one of the best home business opportunities you’ll find today. What is it you look for when you look for a home business opportunity? Here is what most people look for…

  • A chance to be your own boss
  • Choose your own work hours
  • Work around your family’s schedule
  • Low start up cost
  • Fast return on your investment
  • Ability to grow your business throughout the years

A kids jumper business offers all of those things and more. The jumper business is actually known by a number of other names: Moonwalk business, party rental business, bounce house business and moonbounce business are just a few of the names that apply to this type of business.

The biggest difference between a kids jumper business and a party rental business is the size. A kids jumper business will mostly delivery moonwalks to homes for children’s birthday parties. Most companies start out doing a small home business delivery. However…as you choose to grow, you can add interactive inflatables, fun foods, giant slides, obstacle courses and more to your inventory. At that point, you’ll be a full fledged party rental company who will cater to churches, colleges, schools, corporations and festivals. It’s more work, but it can bring in substantially more profit.

Getting started in the jumper business is fairly easy. Of course you’ll need your moonbounces. You can start with just one or two. And you’ll need a vehicle for delivery. A truck will work or even a car and a small trailer.

Insurance is very important and it’s costly in the beginning because so many insurance companies have a minimum on the policy, but as you grow, the insurance costs will come down per item.

You’ll need a company name, a website, a phone number and some office supplies. You also will need tools for delivery, such as hammer for staking down equipment and a dolly to move your bounces.

This isn’t very much for a business that can bring in 6 to 7 figures just a few years down the road. The average moonbounce rents for $85.00 to $250.00 per day depending on your location. A giant slide or obstacle course rents for $500-$1200.00 per day, also depending on your location.

At a cost per moonbounce of about $1000-$1400.00 you can see that the return comes quickly.

In just a very short time, you can have a profitable business that will grow with your family and give you the type of work environment you’re looking for.

So when you’re looking for the best home business opportunity, think “Kids Jumper Business”.

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