The 7 Secrets to Wealth and Prosperity

What would you think if I told you that there is no such thing as a secret to prosperity? What there is, is a global misconception about how to obtain it. And the misconception is generally due to lack of information, discipline and the tools necessary to position yourself for it.

Anything in life we perceive as impossible or mysterious becomes unattainable. We struggle and compete to get it. When in reality all we have to do is learn effective strategies and the discipline to acquire anything we desire.

You too can supercharge your life and earning potential by simply learning about and implementing the following seven principles of the wealthy and prosperous:

1. Know what you want and have a clear vision of it.

Knowing what you want is the definitive ingredient of the secret recipe for creation and attraction of wealth and prosperity. It is where the rubber meets the road of life. Because a life without purpose and dreams is pointless. One who lives such a life is condemned to wander aimlessly-accepting whatever comes their way, good or bad.

2. Have initiative and be resourceful.

The wealthy and prosperous do not wait for others to tell them what to do. They are also resourceful. They are always looking for, finding, and creating opportunities others don’t see.

3. Have courage.

Courage is what defines purpose and personal belief in what you have to offer the world. It is the ingredient that will undoubtedly propel you to your great destiny.

4. Have a strong sense of self.

Self-Awareness is the single most important attribute a person can possess. Without a clear sense of self there wouldn’t be growth and creation of wealth. Mr. Warren Buffet is a great example of someone with a strong sense of self, he says: “I always knew I was going to be rich. I don’t think I ever doubted it for a minute.

5. Set goals and attach action steps to each one.

Wealth and prosperity will not knock on your door unless you seek them and prepare for them. The wealthy and prosperous implement organization and time management systems to guide them and help them stay focused.

6. Have a positive mental attitude.

Wealth and prosperity cannot be achieved without a positive mental attitude. Observe a wealthy and prosperous people and you will notice right away they are very attractive, they seem happy, and are good listeners.

7. Have and grow faith.

You have to believe in yourself, what you have been gifted with and what you intend to do with it.

There are many principles and disciplines that can lead you to wealth and prosperity. But I find that the above are the most essential. They can also be considered categories in which all the others fall under.

Learn about them. Implement them in your life and watch your life soar to unexpected heights!

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Source by Sandra Alvarado

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