Text Your Ex Back Review

The Text Your Ex Back program was created by Michael Fiore, a relationship and dating expert who has since received a number of accolades for his work. Fiore explains the rationale for unconventional approach used in Text Your Ex back, Using text messages rather than phone calls or face to face communication allows you to be very deliberate. We use a calculated approach, as this prevents the kind of mistakes and setbacks that sabotage the goal of reconciliation.

The premise of the guide seems rather simplistic; deliberately composed text messages are used to win back a former lover. Upon closer inspection, it became apparent that this was a well thought out system that is based on sound psychological principles.

How it Works

The system is quite thorough, containing 11 specific modules and over 200 pages of expert information. The modules come in both PDF and audio formats, so you can read or listen to each chapter.

The guide starts out by encouraging readers to carefully think the situation through before proceeding. Probing questions are asked to ensure that getting back into a relationship with your ex is really what is best for you. Readers who are just looking for a casual hook up are politely reminded that the program is not designed for those intentions. If you decide to proceed, the first step to take is to do nothing. The author emphatically stresses the importance of taking a “cooling off” period before making first contact. This, he claims, allows emotions to settle and dramatically increases the chances of success.

Once it is time to make contact, readers are introduced to the various types of texts that are used throughout the process. There are several steps involved, the precise number of which depends on the individual circumstances each reader faces. Rather than going “straight for the kill”, the program advises readers to ease into things by slowly and deliberately re-establishing an emotional connection and earning back any lost trust or respect.

A few of the types of messages used are explained below:

Across the Bow Texts (Module 6)

These messages set the stage for success. Here you will be opening the lines of communication and building a foundation that will support the efforts you make in the modules that follow.

Best of Relationship Texts (Module 7)

These texts remind your ex of the great times the two of you had together. This will rekindle the positive emotions you both felt at the time and bring you closer to reconciliation.

Green-Eyed Monster Texts (Module 8)

This module teaches readers to use a rather ugly emotion, jealousy, in a productive way. This turns up the heat and ignites the intense emotions that will help seal the deal.

Intimacy Booster Texts (Module 9)

Now that love is “in the air” again, intimacy booster texts are used to strengthen the connection between the two of you and set the stage for a new and improved relationship.

A Comprehensive Approach

Text Your Ex Back Michael Fiore was designed to put broken relationships back together, but it also teaches readers invaluable information that will improve their new relationships and help them avoid the problems that led to the original break up. Some of the important things you will learn from the guide include:

• How to identify and fix problems in your relationships.

• How to communicate your feelings to build intimacy.

• When and how to apologize and when not to.

• How to cultivate and maintain passion in your relationships.

• How to avoid making the mistakes that end relationships.

Overall, the Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back gets very high ratings. There is no approach that will work for everyone, but Michael Fiore has created a course that gives readers the best chance of success. Every step of the process is explained in detail, and all of the text messages that are sent can be customized to your unique circumstances. Relationship guides are a dime a dozen, but this one is worth every penny of its very affordable price.

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