Ten Soul Tips To Heal Your Self Esteem

Our true sense of self esteem that is wholly sustaining and enriching comes from within. It is not something that can be bestowed on us that is outside of us, or is something that can be taken from us by others.

Life experiences can erode our sense of self esteem. So too our personal belief systems and behaviours can and do, perpetuate a lack of self esteem in many instances.

But a real lasting, meaningful and empowering feeling of our own true worth is intrinsic to each and every one of us. We are of Source, created from love, coming into being, at our very beginning, as a spark of universal life force – S.O.U.L. Created without condition; endowed with free will and the ability to create from within our selves, from our core centre of being.

When we accept that thought and allow it to frame our personal thinking we can soon realise that everything that we are, everything in our lives is created from us. That means that we are each limitless and powerful in our ability to both manifest and create.

It is when we consciously create from our core centre, we create with loving intent that results in loving, positive outcomes. Our sense of self esteem is then no longer in doubt. We only see our self as love!

If you are not feeling that sense of self esteem, here are 10 tips that you can adopt right now to help you come to know yourself as true and meaningful:

1. Maintain Presence. Be present with your self in all of your thoughts and actions each and every day, by seeing and feeling yourself at the centre of your world. Become consciously aware of you in each moment. That way you get to consider your own feelings and how you feel about something before you take any action. And you never lose sight of who you are.

2. Acknowledge. Acknowledge your feelings whatever they are. Do not dismiss one single part of yourself. That way you become more trusting of your feelings, your thoughts and who you are and no longer doubt.

3. Cease the judgement Don’t exercise any judgement or criticism over how and what you feel. That way you give your self both the option and chance to heal.

4. Stop the chiding: Stop blaming yourself or finding fault. Instead journal on why you do that and keep asking as you dig down to find the root cause. Then decide, if you wish, to heal it.

5. Have fun: Each day do something that creates a giggle inside. Then feel the giggling spread throughout your entire body. It’s a lovely sound when we hear our cells laughing. And a lovely feeling we feel our cells smiling.

6. Learn something new. Become inspired by way of learning something new that you are passionate about. Or take up that hobby you have always promised yourself. Just make a start!

7. Go Within. When feeling down withdraw into your heart chakra by focusing on a rose there. As you slowly open the petals set the intent that as each petal opens, you open yourself to love. Ask that your Soul flow into the darkest places and fill them with your Soul’s divine presence, so that you feel safe, secure and trusting of who you are.

8. Assert yourself lovingly and compassionately. Everything that we do; everything that we are is created from within each one of us. So when you learn to create your thoughts and actions from a loving mindset, you naturally create loving outcomes that are uplifting for all.

9. Remember who you are: You are S.O.U.L ( Source of Unconditional Love, Source of Universal Life Force). That means that you are internally very powerful, strong and limitless. Ponder on the words. Meditate upon that thought and so allow the love of your Soul to lovingly and naturally transform your thinking and your life.

10. You are truth: Be guided by your own intrinsic truth by paying attention to your intuition and so be less affected by external distractions or by the judgement of others.

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