TATA Mutual Fund Online – Best SIP Plans to Invest

Mutual fund is created when several corporations’ pool in their securities to create a fund. There are different types of schemes for different types of investors. There are equity funds, growth stocks, value stocks, debt funds, tax saving funds, dividend yield funds and the list goes on and on. If you are a first time investor opt for professional help or guidance. Investing your life’s savings is serious business and should be undertaken only after careful consideration.

In this article we will discuss on the benefits of investing in SIP plans. SIP means Systematic investment plan are those where your investments are managed in a systematic and disciplined manner. Instead of one time large investment through SIP you get the opportunity to invest regularly. You can periodically invest a certain fixed sum. This also inculcates a good habit of savings. It means that at least a part of your earnings will be saved for future. SIP mutual funds are also professionally managed and in India they are subject to strict regulation and monitoring. Your money is therefore in safe hands.

Tata SIP mutual funds are a great option for any investor. Transact online facility offered which helps investors to switch, redeem or purchase units of the schemes. Online services also include viewing account statement, transaction history and portfolio details. All you need is to register with Tata Mutual Fund by signing a PIN agreement after which you will be given a folio number. You require this number or code to access your account online and carry on your transactions. Here are some SIP MF schemes.

  • Tata Balanced
  • Tata SIP Scheme I (G)
  • Tata SIP Scheme II (G)

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