Take Action by Being Still

God says “be still and know that I am God;” however, God wants us also to take action. There is a central theme in the Bible. One unique skill that His followers all have in common. Yes, they have a variety of talents. His followers are very diverse. But they have one commonality. They have that one thing that all successful people have. They take action! Yes, read the Bible. You will see. They don’t wait for things to come to them. They look for opportunities. They see the good and the bad as opportunities. First, take action by being still.

By being still we come to know who God is and who He wants us to be. During this time, we should be reading His word, listening to Him and thanking Him for all He is and all He does. The power that God can give us when we are being still is one that no man can do for us. He gives us joy, peace, motivation…the list goes on and on! By being still we come to know what His will is for us. He will provide direction for us during the day if we begin or day with Him by being still.

God gives us direction by giving us signs. God is in our life right now. He is giving us signs. These signs are not saying ‘do nothing.’ These signs are to take action. Just as the signs we see every day that say yield, turn here, stop. They all tell us to take action. If we do nothing, we are nothing. How do you we know what we should do? We know by taking action and looking for signs from God. We look for opportunities and act on them.

There is a time to be still but while we are being still we are still taking action. We are being still to know God better. But then we should take action and become who God wants us to be. Be still. Take action!

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