Subconscious Mind Power – Harness Your Subconscious Mind for Greater Success

For several of us, facing problems of money management, relationships and issues at work or simply plain modern day existential problems, Dr Murphy’s tips in his book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, on utilizing mind power could lead to great improvements. For those looking for monetary and social success, there are some great tips and techniques here.

While we often depend on family, friends, the office boss, or perhaps institutions like religion to find solutions to our problems, we seldom consider the fact that perhaps some of those solutions could actually lie within ourselves. If you find it hard to believe in God or the power of other men to solve your problems then perhaps it’s time to use your unconscious mind power to take control of your life.

Dr Murphy’s suggestions are not some new age fad but combine ancient wisdom with scientific advancements in human psychology to suggest effective ways to tap your mind power. The book also provides techniques for using this. An emphasis on positive thinking helps channel your life onto a path of progress. Becoming aware of the negative thoughts in you is the first step in utilizing your mind power.

It is a difficult task for anyone to be constantly aware of his or her thoughts. However, once you manage to do this the next step is to take charge and reverse any negativity in your mind. This requires you to use your mind power to silence the voices of logic and reason that may be creating these negative thoughts in you. Since the subconscious doesn’t differentiate between such things as sarcasm and humor, it is important to frame positive thoughts to give a proper direction.

Another technique is the constant ‘feeding’ of the mind with positive thoughts to reinforce your desires. It is important to calm your mind before you feed it with your prayer or desire to tap your subconscious mind. The time before you sleep is best. Some main concepts influencing subconscious mind power that the book talks about are: the importance of changing your thought, framing positive desires about wealth, success, life, love, health; understanding the harmful effects of negative thought; realizing the importance of giving and the effect of prayer on the lives of those we wish to help.

The book is organized in short sections dealing with various aspects of and techniques to use subconscious mind. Each chapter ends with a short summary of main points. If you believe in or are convinced that the power to conquer your life and the world lies within your mind, then take a look at the techniques suggested by Dr Murphy to use your subconscious mind power to give your personality and life a positive thrust.

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Source by Caolan Patrick

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