Stormfall: Age of War Facebook Game Review

Stormfall: Age of War is a competitive war game on facebook where you build up a castle, attack other Lords, steal their resources, siege them, defend and attack outposts, and much more! The game starts off with a decent and length tutorial, teaching you the basics of the game, and all the nuances within. The tutorial quests feature a decent voice actor and a text summary, immersing you into the lore of the game and giving you more detail of what to do and what to accomplish. I found the tutorials in this game to be very helpful, especially to new players of Plarium’s combat war games, such as Total Domination and others.


There is much to do in this game, from raiding, sieges, building units, upgrading buildings, discovering new technologies, and much more! At first you will be building your main resource buildings, which include gold, iron, and food, and all of them are important in their own way. Iron is mostly used in constructing offensive units, gold for defensive units, and food is deducted for each unit and building that exists in your castle. You will also use all 3 resources in construction of your buildings and their upgrades, as well as upgrading and discovering new technologies and units.

New Technologies will grant you access to more advanced buildings, better trained units, and newer units. Each day you will receive a random scroll, which can be applied to discover a new technology, should you have enough of the required scrolls. If you do not, you can always trade them with other players via the marketplace. Once you have unlocked an unit technology, you can spend resources to upgrade them up to lvl 20, with each upgrade level increasing their overall stats by 2%.

Skull Runes are a commodity given through level ups and other means. These Runes can be applied on a “Tech Tree” of sorts, which will allow you to do things such as increasing their speed, build times, group unlocks, and other attributes. You will see the requirement of skull runes in each tree below going further down on said tree, allowing more customization and diversity from other Lords, based on their own strategies.

Units come in two main flavors, offensive and defense, and 5 sub categories (Infantry, Calvary, Occult Beastiary, and Mountain Dwarves). Each sub categorie is different in their own ways, and defensive units are better at countering specific types. For instance, a Dwarf is a defensive unit suited to countering infantry and calvary units, which adds a unique layer of strategy for a Facebook war game.

In this game you can join “Leagues”, which are players united in a group, and form alliances with friends. You can also visit friends and create wraiths, which are special units created from friends only and you can summon them yourself with the Crypt, but only 3 a day, everyday. You can also defend your friends with reinforcements, trade, and much more as well, adding a layer of strategy and cooperation with friends, because this a competitive game, and you could use all the friends you can get!

Overall, this is a fun, competitive, war game and if you are into strategy games and player versus player combat. you will enjoy playing this game!

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