Steganography – The Art Of Deception & Concealment

The Message Must Get Through


The yr is 300A.D., and also you’re a part of a conflict machine

not like something the world has ever seen. You are a discipline

General for the Roman Empire and charged with assimilating

one more non-Roman tradition. Your present mission; get

tactical data you have collected within the discipline to an

outpost 100 miles away. The land between you and the

outpost is treacherous and stuffed with enemy. The

data you have collected is crucial to the success of

the present marketing campaign and should attain the distant outpost

intact. This will name for ingenious deception.

You ship for a messenger, who’s in actuality a Roman slave.

The messenger’s head is shaved clear, and the message for

the outpost is tattooed on his head. Several weeks later,

the messengers hair has grown in and fully hid

the key data. The messenger departs and one week

later reaches the outpost. A fast head shave and the

outpost has the data wanted to make sure one more

victory for Rome.

This is without doubt one of the earliest types of Steganography on

document. The artwork of hiding messages inside one other medium

and avoiding detection.

The Ancient Technology Of Deception

A Modern Day Threat


Take a take a look at the next two pictures at The first image

is kind of regular. The second image seems precisely just like the

first. However, the second image is just not a traditional image

in any respect. It comprises a portion of the article you’re

at present studying within the type of a Microsoft Word doc.

It has been embedded within the picture utilizing a Steganography

program and is almost undetectable. Not solely are you able to not

see a visible distinction within the image, the file measurement of the

authentic and the Stego Medium (picture with the hidden textual content)

is precisely the identical.

There are a number of applications on the Internet which may be in a position

to detect a small anomaly within the image, like “stegdetect”,

however the methodology used to embed the key doc is

protected by a key, or password, as nicely.

The expertise behind efficient Steganography is kind of

complicated and includes critical mathematical computations.

Computers and expertise make this a trivial process and make

this artwork of deception a critical menace to the safety of

data. Company’s that regard their data

proprietary, and depend on the safety and integrity of their

mental property, could possibly be at important threat.

A Real World Example Of Steganography


Many organizations shield their inner community sources

and knowledge by utilizing subtle safety measures,

resembling firewalls. Many firewalls can block e-mail

attachments resembling executables, spreadsheets, and

paperwork, and accomplish that by on the lookout for file extensions. Some

safety measures, or content material filters, can truly

decide if the actual file or attachment is definitely

the sort to be blocked, a spreadsheet for example, by

analyzing the contents of the file. This helps forestall the

transmission of file attachments which have had their

extensions altered or eliminated.

But what number of organizations block the sending of picture recordsdata

like, .jpg or .bmp pictures.

Imagine having somebody on the within of an organization who

secures a proprietary doc. This individual then embeds the

doc into an image and sends it to an e-mail deal with on

the Internet. The firm’s protection programs block many

varieties of file attachments, however picture recordsdata usually are not

thought-about a threat, so they’re allowed by means of. The sender

and receiver beforehand agreed on the strategy and kind of

deception. Using a Steganography package deal freely out there

on the Internet the duty was simply and securely executed.

The firm was fully unaware of the truth that

essential data was leaked.



There are so many elements to this type of deception, I

may write ten pages on the topic alone. The function for

this text is to make folks conscious of this type of

deception and the menace it poses to digital safety.

Steganography additionally has an affect on non-digital data

as nicely. And, footage usually are not the one medium that may be

used. Sound recordsdata are one other favourite host for embedding

secret data.

If you want to see Steganography in motion you may

obtain “The Third Eye” from the next hyperlink It is a

freely distributable Steganography program and was used to

create the 2 picture examples referenced above. This

obtain comprises the 2 pictures above and it is possible for you to

to open the picture with the hidden textual content and extract it. The

zip file comprises a README.TXT file that will provide you with full

directions on learn how to extract the hidden textual content within the


But first, you will have the password! Can you guess it?

I’ll offer you a clue: What type of deception did the Roman

General use to ship his message?**

*The story “The message must get through” though primarily based on

documented details about a Roman General performing such

an act of deception, is fictional and was written as

illustration of such an occasion strictly to be used on this


**You ought to be capable of simply guess the password nonetheless I

should level out that the password ought to be entered all


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Source by Darren Miller

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