Standing Up for Yourself – How to Overcome Manipulation

When you are filled with self-doubt, the tendency is you don’t know how to fight for yourself. What’s worse is that you can easily be controlled by other persons even if it is against your will.

You need to fight for your right.

Be proud of who you are.

Stand-up for yourself.

Don’t let fear hold you back. If you continue to live in a world of cowardice you will never see the beauty of life. Living means taking risks and going beyond your comfort zone. The world is too big to allow yourself to be manipulated by a person. Here’s what you got to do…

Know that you have a right

When you negotiate with a manipulative person, you have to be aware that your rights have been trampled on. Always remember that you have the privilege to defend yourself especially if you are not respected as an individual.

Manipulators will rob you of your rights so that they will have dominance over you. It is only “you: who have the power to command your life. Be in charge.

Stop blaming yourself

You are not at fault. Everyone has a weakness and it depends upon you on how you will be able to overcome it. Being able to conquer shortcomings is how we grow stronger as a person. Don’t ever think that you are the problem. What becomes wrong is when you let that person continue to manipulate you.

Know how to say “no”

There is nothing wrong with expressing how you feel particularly if it is against your morals. We all have different principles that govern our lives, that is why respect should be given for individual differences. Be firm with your decisions. Keep in mind that saying “no” is simply admitting what you truly feel and you absolutely have the privilege to do so.

Stand your ground

A person can only intimidate you if you let them. Don’t show your weakness and show them that you’re strong. Take control. For once in your life, live in freedom, release yourself from the constraints of fear.

All these things are easier said than done. But how can you change your situation if you don’t start deciding for yourself? If you want to achieve something, take that next step. Respect is something that you have to earn. The moment you fail to acknowledge your right as a person, that is when you lose your individuality. Respect yourself first and everything else will follow.

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