Stained Glass – Project Ideas

Stained glass has been with us for more than a thousand years. People are fascinated by the beauty of light which passes through the artwork and the visible radiation of light into a room. Most people think of the traditional cathedral and church windows.

Stained glass artwork was created to help communicate stories to the masses of people who could not read. Books and other written works were restricted for the few and were not available to the general public. The artists assembled pieces of glass paintings which were held together with lead to tell religious stories or to depict spiritual beings.

Today, stained glass kits are available and there are many books about this subject. As an artist and craftsman you have the choice of using selected materials for small or large projects depending on your skill level and tool choices.

There are many projects which can be done with stained glass. Expenses will be dependent on your selection.

Stained Glass Project Ideas:

  1. Glass doors

  2. Interior décor of homes and offices to compliment with light, art, and color

  3. Exterior windows to allow sunlight to stream through artwork highlighting a room with light, mood, and energy..

  4. Home decor – lamps, mirrors, panels, room dividers, and containers

  5. Furniture

  6. Jewelry

  7. Glassware and dinnerware

  8. Interior and exterior containers

  9. Wall hangings and other art pieces

Hand tools and electrical tools may be used. More often than not hand tools are most often used. If you decide that this hobby may become a business then electrical tools would be necessary to speed production.

There are some hazards working with glass and if you wish to avoid this medium other materials may be substituted.

  1. Acrylic panels: Purchase a clear acrylic sheet and transparent paints designed for stained glass application. Upon completion of this project its appearance will be very similar to glass. It will add beauty to the home interior, is less costly, saves time, and safer than real glass. Other tools may be necessary depending on the type and size of the project.

  2. Plexiglas: is also an acrylic but is manufactured stronger and will cost more than standard acrylic but it has a longer life than real glass and not as expensive.

  3. Glass paint and faux leading: paints which can be used are enamel and formulated acrylic tints designed for glass. Lead trimming is used in traditional work. Faux leading is fake and available as a liquid or paste.

  4. Resin: Liquid acrylic usually used for small projects and jewelry.

  5. Colored tissue paper

  6. Melted pony beads

  7. Contact paper

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