Sports Apparel – Pick Your Team and Show Your Colors!

What’s your favorite sports apparel?

Oh, come on, you probably have a lucky Yankees hat or maybe an LA jersey that is your absolute favorite. Most people do. It’s pretty interesting to see all of the different sports apparel that is available today. It’s also interesting to see all of the different types of people wearing them. What used to be a “man thing” has grown into a universal thing that has men, women, young, old and even babies donning sports apparel of all kinds.

People from Carolina to Los Angeles and everywhere in between are buying hats, jerseys, tee shirts and even sports related accessories. It seems everyone has a favorite team that they want to support. It doesn’t even necessarily have to be their local team! Take a look around some day while walking down the street or in a local shop. Notice how many people have on at least ONE item that is sports related.

It isn’t just the big league teams getting the attention either. You can find NCAA apparel everywhere now days. That is especially true in places like Florida, Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado and other places that have loyal fan bases.

The NFL has a huge following and believe me, there is sports apparel for their fans too! The most popular item for the NFL fanatics seems to be the jerseys. MLB; hats and jerseys are the most popular items. Oh, and of course there are the shoes. Reebok even has sports lines. Jackets are pretty popular too. There is no getting around it, sports apparel isn’t going to fade as a fad anytime soon. In fact, by this time it’s not a fad at all but more the norm. Sports apparel may well become the “What was worn” of the 1990’s into the 2000’s.

You know, kids could get a real geography lesson by just keeping up with the different states and names they see on the sports gear worn by those around them. Seattle, Minnesota, Carolina, Chicago, New York…and the list goes on. Who knows, sports apparel can be the next big teaching tool.

Prices vary on the different sports wear that is available but all in all, it is pretty reasonable. Depending on where you shop, of course! Stores try to keep their racks and shelves stacked with the most popular and you can usually find all of the teams at specialty sportswear shops.

Game days are interesting. Everyone dons their team apparel for game day regardless of whether they are going to the game or not. You can see babies with tiny team cheerleader outfits on or grand parents with their tee shirts or caps proudly displaying their team spirit. Of course, some areas have more than one team so the population is divided. Still, team spirit is team spirit! There doesn’t seem to be much conflict though, as long as you are supporting one team or another. Of course that may not be the case when we are talking about, say, Boston and New York!

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