Ski Essentials – Guide to Those Small Essentials for the Slopes

January and February can seem rather dull after all the fun and excitement of the festive season, which is why many of us decide to beat the New Year blues by jetting off for a week’s skiing. I must admit I have been looking forward to my trip for weeks now and as an extremely organised person, I already have all of my essentials lined up in the spare bedroom ready to go. When packing for a skiing holiday there are so many different things you need to remember, from thermals to sunscreen and lip balm, not forgetting your jacket and salopettes, of course. So here are a few items that you might not have thought of.

  • Nectar ease balm – After an active day on the slopes, you may have a few aches and pains. A great way to relax your muscles is to have a hot bath then massage some nectar ease balm to any tense areas. Nectar ease balm is made from active Manuka honey and bee venom and is ideal for fast, effective relief. It has a soft, fine texture and its essential and cold-pressed oils mean that it is quickly and easily absorbed into the skin. You should wake up in the morning, refreshed and ready to hit the slopes all over again.
  • An EFX wristband – Wearing an EFX holographic wristband or bracelet places an energetic dot at one of your key energy centres or chakras. Like acupuncture, acupressure or deep therapeutic massage, this enhances the energy flow along the main meridian channels, which in turn maximises performance and overall well-being by increasing balance, strength, flexibility and endurance. By improving these key areas it could help you to significantly develop your technique while skiing. EFX technology has also been noted to provide effective relief from jet-lag which is an added bonus for anyone travelling to the United States or Canada for their ski fix.
  • Hand and body warmers – Although you may feel warm while slaloming down the slopes, it can get pretty cold while on the ski lift. Hand and body warmers are a great way to stay warm and comfortable in moments of inactivity. Grabber disposable hand warmers last for 24 hours. All you have to do is snap the packet and an instant chemical reaction takes place releasing lovely heat! And when you’re done you can simply throw them away. Heartsease body warmers are great for putting on the lower abdominal or back areas and are adhesive so will stick to your skin even while you’re moving about.
  • A trapper hat – Trapper hats are currently the hat du jour if you want to look cool and stylish. Screamer leather bomber hats are a spin-off style of those worn by aviators back in the day and are an ideal choice for skiers and snowboarders. These Screamer hats feature a fastback dome-style top, extra-long fur-lined ear flaps, and wide fur-lined front brim. You can wear the earflaps buckled over the top or folded down over your ears to keep out the cold. The Screamer Leather Vodka Bar Pilot Hat will keep you warm even in the toughest winter conditions
  • A pair of sheepskin boots – Although originally designed for surfers to wear at the beach and keep their feet warm after coming in from the ocean, sheepskin boots are just as suitable for wearing in the snow. Sheepskin is a naturally thermostatic material meaning it will keep your feet warm and cosy no matter what the temperature. Unlike many styles sheepskin boots, Wombat Leather boots have a sturdy moulded rubber outsole that will support your feet and provide good traction on icy surfaces. They are also super stylish and are great for wearing while partying at a bar in the evening or just chilling in front of the fire at the hotel.
  • Anti Slip Grips for Shoes and Ski Boots – This traction aid simply slips over your shoes allowing you to turn them into snowshoes in seconds. Because the Get a Grip traction aid can fit onto any kind of shoe, it is great for shoes and even ski boots as you make your way to the slopes – 6 spikes on each 2 on the heel and 4 on the ball of the foot – Due North’s innovative Ice Diamond ™ spikes are made from resistant and hardwearing tungsten carbide. This makes them 10 times stronger and longer lasting than those found on other traction aids.

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