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Sketch FX

FX Tool for the free FX Box for Adobe Photoshop® from CC-2014 and newer

Sketch FX creates a realistic looking sketch from your image with only one click. Best suitable are sources like portraits or object images.

See how it works

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When creating the sketch, the source will automatically be optimized

  • best effect setup
  • resize small images
  • center masked areas

After creating the sketch, it can be edited like

  • unhide the “sketch_image_color”
  • hide or modifiy the overlay effects
  • color the crosshatching strokes
  • change the background color or use one of the 7 preset colors

IMPORTANT: You need our free FX Box to load this BrowserBee into Photoshop. Install the FX Box first. Use FX Box from your download package or download it for free:

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It‘s as simple as that

  • Mask the area of the source image that should be sketched.
  • Click “sketch it now!”
  • Customize the overlay effects, hachure stroke and background colors

Good to know

You first need to install the free FX Box to load the Sketch FX tool

  • The source image always remains unaffected
  • The color mode of the output image ist always RGB with a resolution of 72dpi
  • Optimized the longest side is min. 3000 px
  • The Sketch FX tool is language independent
  • Works with PC and MAC

What you get

  • Installer to load the Sketch FX into the FX Box in Photoshop CC-2014 or newer
  • Short Instructions PDF + install video tutorial
  • FX Box v1.1

Tested on MAC and PC

Photoshop CC-2015.5,
Photoshop CC-2017,
Photoshop CC-2018,
Photoshop CC-2019,
Photoshop CC-2020

This Plugin is language-independent. Therefore you do NOT change your Photoshop language setup.
Note: If you not sure that this plugin work with your Photoshop installation, try a free FX Tool first. You can download it from our homepage

Item Support

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If you are reporting an issue:

  • give us as much information as possible (Photoshop version number, used Photoshop language, OS version)
  • tell us what exactly you have done
  • screenshots are helpful
  • videos are very helpful (try this free app)

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