SiteGround is one of the major players in the web hosting industry after five years of operation and a reputation as one of the most reliable and feature-rich WordPress hosting platforms. Their WordPress optimized website hosting consist of the whole thing you’ll need to create and grow a successful blog

SiteGround offers an intriguing combination of affordable plans and unlimited bandwidth along with a great toolkit and utilities that make it easier to set up and maintain one or multiple websites under a single plan. Here we will go through the best features of SiteGround

Company background

In 2004, three university students launched SiteGround in Sofia, Bulgaria — now dubbed the “Silicon Valley of Europe.” The company now employs over 400 and hosts more than 1.7 million domains worldwide. SiteGround remains in private ownership.


SiteGround caters to small businesses, startups, enterprise clients, and bloggers who value:

  • State-of-the-art quality hosting
  • Smart custom solutions
  • Advanced Security
  • And affordable pricing

Instead of competing in one of these areas — as most web hosts do — SiteGround’s strategy is to provide all four.

  • Growing businesses can choose fast cloud hosting that auto scales (automatically handles traffic spikes).
  • Enterprise clients can create their own custom dedicated server option via online tools or by speaking with a SiteGround technical staffer.
  • WordPress users can get their plugins and core updated regularly for them and get hosting on a platform optimized for the CMS.

Well-known in the industry for their WordPress expertise, SiteGround also offers optimized hosting for Drupal and Joomla as well as for e-commerce platforms like Magento and PrestaShop.

Control Panel

SiteGround provides the cPanel control panel for most of its hosting plans.

Easy to Use: The cPanel is part of a tabbed interface that also allows you to get technical and billing support and manage your account.

Anyone who has used cPanel before should have no trouble with it. Even without experience, cPanel is quite easy to use.

Best Web Hosting And Email For Small Business

This is an “above-the-fold” view of the SiteGround control panel. As you scroll down the panel, you’ll see many more tools categories such as WordPress tools, Joomla tools; Email tools; database tools, backup manager, and more.

Datacentres & Networks

Your website speed and stability depend a lot on the location and the characteristics of your hosting data center. That is why SiteGround works only with the best facilities in the world and choose the most powerful and innovative hardware to build its infrastructure.

SiteGround’s data center locations are on three continents: North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region, with servers in LondonChicagoSingapore, and Amsterdam.

  • Host your site close to your visitors
  • Choose the closest data center for the best loading times
  • Highest standards on all data center facility aspects
  • Highly available network
  • SiteGround partner facilities rely on network connectivity to multiple major carriers for the highest possible availability and speed.
  • Redundant electrical systems
  • Electricity outages are prevented by multiple power feeds, own power generators and enterprise-class UPS technology.
  • High-end physical security
  • All facilities are well protected by 24×7 human security, biometrics, access control man traps, bulletproof lobbies, and video surveillance

Performance & Uptime

Handcrafted Solutions for 99.99% Uptime

Enjoy super fast website performance! SiteGround make websites fly thanks to servers that run on SSD disks and PHP 7 with OpCache. On top of that, they offer static caching and a free CDN service to further boost your website’s performance.

Site speed can greatly influence both your search engine visibility and your website’s conversion rates. These are important factors if you want your site to be successful and generate revenue for your business. That’s why SiteGround develops and provide technologies that make SiteGround sites run faster!

SiteGround have always been pioneers in inventing its own advanced web hosting security solutions. They have minimized the downtime risk to levels which companies, relying on the available mass solutions, could never achieve


SSD drives on all plans: Files and databases on all of their shared hosting plans are stored on cutting-edge Solid-State Drive technology. SSDs provide for a 1000x increase in input/output operations as compared to regular drives.

SSD drives are included in all shared and cloud plans.


NGINX server speed: SiteGround use NGINX web server technology to speed up the load of the static content of all the websites SiteGround host.

NGINX setup is included in all shared and cloud plans. It is also available for dedicated servers as part of the performance boosters.


Geeky SuperCacher: For the most popular applications – WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, SiteGround has also built their own caching mechanism based on NGINX reverse proxy. It speeds up dramatically the serving of the dynamic content of the sites too. Their SuperCacher also allows website speed optimization through Memcached.


Free CDN available: Their free Cloudflare CDN makes your website load faster in any part of the world by caching its content and distributing it over multiple data centers. When foreign visitors access your website, their CDN delivers the content much faster from the data center closest to them.


HTTP/2 enabled servers: HTTP/2 is the newest network protocol, which significantly speeds up loading of websites in the browser. Site Ground is proud to be among the first hosts to support it on all their servers. HTTP/2 requires encrypted connection. To allow anyone to takes advantage of this great protocol SiteGround to provide Let’s Encrypt free SSL Certificates.


PHP7: Whenever a technology or update is introduced, that makes PHP executions faster, you can count on SiteGround to implement it promptly on their servers. For example, SiteGround made it possible for their users to take advantage of PHP7, which is known for its great speed benefits, while it was still in beta.

Server Security


SiteGround put security first. They are proactively protecting your site from malicious code and hack attacks that can affect your traffic and credibility. They maintain a WAF (Web Application Firewall) for which they constantly write new security rules. Each year SiteGround add hundreds of custom rules that stop various identified-yet-unresolved application vulnerabilities

Linux Containers (LXC): Their platform is built on top of the cutting edge LXC (Linux containers) technology. SiteGround has chosen to use LXC because it extremely resources efficient, highly elastic and provides great stability in times of unexpected traffic spikes. While building their own implementation of the LXC, their talented DevOps have written multiple Linux Kernel patches, which SiteGround are proud to see now incorporated in the official Linux Kernel code itself.


Proactive Server Monitoring: Their in-house created server monitoring is another piece of art of the SiteGround DevOps team. It is extremely lightweight and can check the server status far more often than standard monitoring systems. It not only detects current issues and fixes them immediately, but is also able to foresee upcoming problems and to take actions to prevent them.


Unique Anti-bot AI: Brute-force attacks by botnets are a serious global issue that very few companies can handle effectively. SiteGround has developed an extremely effective Artificial Intelligence solution that stops between 500 000 and 2 million brute-force attempts per hour across all their servers before they have even reached their customers’ sites. It not only prevents unauthorized access but saves your resources.


Secure Account Isolation: This was one of the first technological innovations SiteGround introduced back in 2008. SiteGround was the first to come up with an efficient CHROOT account isolation of accounts on shared servers at a time when other hosts thought this was not possible. On their machines, SiteGround still, has one of the best security isolations in the industry.

SiteGround Hosting packages

Step 1. Choose your hosting plan

SiteGround has three plans and one can sign for any of them

  • The StartUp plan is perfect for people with one website that are starting now
  • The GrowBig plan is a great value for money offer, including the option for multiple websites and the SuperCacher that greatly improves a WordPress and Joomla website speed
  • The GoGeek plan is perfect for people with e-commerce and larger sites, or more geeky development needs like staging and GIT integration

Web hosting plan

Step 2. Choosing Domain

Best Website Hosting Companies

Clients can choose to buy a new domain, or sign up with an existing domain. This is a good place to emphasize the free website transfer, which is included for GrowBig and GoGeek plans.

Step 3. Review and Complete

Unlike many other hosting providers their advertised discount applies to any of the initial periods chosen during the signup process. Being able to get the low price for the one year period is a fact that increases conversions greatly in comparison to other providers where the lowest monthly price applies only for the longest period.

Best Website Hosting Ranking


Managed WordPress

All SiteGround plans include WordPress installation, the easy and fast WP Starter site-building wizard, managed auto-updates of the core software and plugins, expert WordPress support, and more.

WordPress is the most popular application to build a website for small and medium-size businesses as well as personal pages and online portfolios. SiteGround makes building and managing a WordPress website easier for everyone, regardless of their level of expertise, by providing managed WordPress hosting on all plans.

Easy Start And Automated Updates: Each of SiteGround plans includes free custom-built WordPress Starter and Migrator plugins to help you create or migrate a functional site hassle-free. SiteGround also takes care of the security and software updates of the WordPress instances of its customers.

Advanced Tools On Higher Plans: Upgrade to a higher plan to use their special WordPress speed solutions and advanced dev tools for extra performance and convenience.

See details about the WordPress managed service

Easy Site Management: Easily manage your site built on the most popular Content Management Systems such as Joomla, Magento, WordPress, and more. Get started in their friendly Client Area and cPanel control panel, packed with tons of tools that save you time and effort

SiteGround knows that building and managing a website can sometimes be a challenge. That’s why they provide a wide range of 1-click tools and solutions for common tasks that webmasters regularly perform on their website and server.

Convenient Client Area: In their Client Area, you have convenient access to all important tools and services for your hosting account: Setup wizard, cPanel control panel, billing management, support area and more.

1-Click Software Installation: SiteGround provide time-saving auto-install solutions that help you install multiple applications like Joomla, Magento, Prestashop and many more in a click!

Powerful Control Panel: SiteGround highly customized control panel is based on the popular cPanel and has more than 50 tools that allow you to upload files to the server, create databases and emails, park domains and manage DNS zones, and more.

Domain Management: Enjoy the convenience of managing both your domain and site in the same place. SiteGround offer affordable domain registration and transfer services, a friendly domain management panel, DNS services, and more.

Get convenient domain management services together with your hosting account. SiteGround offer domain registration with more than 50 extensions such as .com, .net,, .org, and more. Use their migration service to transfer your domain to SiteGround and manage it with your hosting.

Reliable Email Service: Create an unlimited number of email accounts with your own domain and check your email from anywhere with their friendly webmail clients. They’ve added SpamExperts to protect you from SPAM.

Create professional email addresses with your website domain at no extra cost. You can create as many accounts as you need, access them using a friendly webmail interface, create forwarders and autoresponders, and more.

Free Automatic Daily Back-Ups

Free Automated Daily Backups: Sleep easy knowing your site is fully backed up and protected from data loss, hacking, or human error. SiteGround automatically saves daily backups and keep 30 copies on your account.

Easy Backup Restores: If something breaks your site, usually the fastest way to bring it back online is to do a full backup restore. SiteGround provides an easy restore tool to roll back to a previous copy of your site with a click. Thus you can do a free restore of your site, whenever this is needed.

On-Demand Backups: GrowBig and GoGeek users can have up to 5 free on-demand backups created and stored on their account.

Customer Support and Help

24/7 Insanely fast support with a heart!

They add unique solutions to any platform and improve its performance!

SiteGround Tutorials: SiteGround has made their knowledge easily available to anyone. Their tutorials and detailed knowledge base are among the most popular self-help hosting materials online.

SiteGround Webinars: SiteGround also has a webinar series where they share hands-on knowledge on the hottest topics of the day and often collaborate with partners to bring even broader insight.

Setup Wizard: SiteGround have created an intuitive setup wizard that welcomes each newcomer in the user area and provides guidance through the first steps of the hosting account setup

Money Back Guarantee

SiteGround offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you cancel within 30 days of joining, you get a 100% refund. If, however, you decide to cancel after the 30 days, you’ll only receive a pro-rata rate for what’s left on the term.

The domain name, admin fees, and add-ons are non-refundable. Most web hosts give you some sort of credit equivalent to the fee you paid but with SiteGround, you can have a credit applied to your account or a full refund back to your credit card.

Conclusion: Is SiteGround the Right Choice for You?

After reading our detailed SiteGround review, you might be wondering if SiteGround is the right choice for your website?

If you want a fast and reliable web hosting service with great customer support, then SiteGround is perfect for you. They have hosting plans for every budget and each plan comes with a great set of features.

All their shared hosting plans include SSD storage, easy setup of Let’s Encrypt free SSL and Cloudflare CDN service, 1-click WordPress installer, and free migration.

If you are just starting a website for the first time, then you will certainly appreciate SiteGround’s customer support.

Ready to get started with SiteGround? Click here to choose your hosting plan today

Hope you find the article useful, Thanks!

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