Shopping Is a Stress-Buster!

Shopping is an activity that helps to release your stress, worries and tiredness. When you go out shopping you find umpteen numbers of items that you can buy for yourself and others. Shopping has varied effects on an individual’s life. Some people like to shop and buy something that is essential, some have a habit to shop and others are just addicted to this activity. What is your shopping nature? What is shopping for you? Many people also love to do window shopping and get contented by viewing the product from a distance and take home things that are a requirement. However, some people also enjoy shopping for their friends and family, and not just for themselves only – modest people! They buy shoes for boys in the family, some quirky t-shirts and other tiny accessories for girls. Some people derive happiness by seeing others happy and hence they shop for people who are close to them emotionally!

Why shopping is a stress buster – Well, how good do you feel when you try out that new chiffon pink top in the market which makes you look like a diva or that finest pair of heels that make you look glamorous? You feel good, don’t you? When you shop you get relaxed, you enjoy being out and buying things that you love. Women shop because they feel good when they buy things they fancy. Shelling out money is not easy, but for a woman it is a cake walk. She does it so professionally even in the low-budget month. For instance, if a company announced that this month the salaries would get delayed by ten to fifteen days, men would be tensed as they have to pay their rents and they might not be able to party the last weekend of the month, which is really saddening! But, ladies on the other hand, pick up their bags and enter the departmental stores and malls just to shop. So, the irony here is women are shopping because they are sad that the pay would be going to get delayed.

The funny part- when women go out shopping they just buy anything, they buy shoes for boys, key chain for their car (even if they don’t have one!), home accessories, and some other unrequired things. But, again this is the nature of a few women, not all have the same attitude when they go out shopping. Quite a bunch of women do window shopping and then finally resort to buying things that they need.

Women call it a stress buster as it makes them forget everything in their life, and all that they can concentrate on are the things that are secured in the glass showcase or hanged in a tandem in big stores. Shopping can be termed as a full-time activity for women as they will never say ‘no’ to shopping. So, now you buy car accessories, shoes for boys or home accessories, in the end what matters is that the lady is happy and smiling.

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