Shopping in Bengal Is an Arts and Crafts Connoisseur’s Delight

West Bengal is an ideal destination to shop if you are interested in traditional handmade products. Bengal has varied handicrafts products and from household decorative pieces to clothing, there is mark of the Bengal’s finesse in products available. Shopping for the handicrafts is easy as the state has organized markets and government emporiums selling the products.

The state of Bengal is known worldwide for its exquisite collection of saris to offer. Crisp cotton saris are very popular in the state. The saris are product of the handlooms and offer a variety of designs and patterns. These saris are great for everyday wear as they are light and give an understated look. The shops in Bengal also sell expensive and glossy varieties of these handloom saris. These are perfect for wearing in parties and weddings. Women attending various rituals in a Bengali Matrimony wear these handloom cotton saris. Even the bride wears yellow or red cotton handloom saris during the ritual of gaye hulud.

Silk saris are also available in Bengal in various types. The famous Baluchari saris are another thing to shop, especially for the female shoppers. These are silk saris and traditional motifs and patterns. This sari is weaved in the Bulachar town of Murshidabad district of Bengal. Another variety of sari, which is very famous from Bengal and is necessary to have for shoppers, is the Kantha saris. These saris are mostly from the district of Birbhum. Available in all colors and designs, these saris are just perfect for gifting to family and friends. Even the Bengali bride buys one two as part of her wedding shopping. In Bengali matrimony functions, it is common to find women wearing their beautiful kantha creations. Folk motifs are common in kantha saris.

Apart from saris, one can shop for Batik stuff. Bengal is famous for its Batik products. This is a Japanese style of handwork, which came to Bengal through cultural exchange programs by the Vishva Bharati University. This technique used is wax as a base material with tinted colors on fabrics or materials. The giving the desired designs, the wax are removed by putting it in boiling water. Shoppers can buy a range of products, right from batik saris, kurtas, purses, bags, shoes and, table and bed linen.

Clay work from Bengal is very famous and another item to shop in Bengal. The terracotta and clay are ancient art from the state and even in this computer age find many takers. Home decorative panels made of terracotta are available in varied patterns. The districts of Murshidabad, Hoogly, Digha, Birbhaum and Jessore are known for terracotta work.

The clay potteries, toys and idols are also famous from the state. Three types of clays are mixed and burnt in fire to give the products a unique look.

Among other things to buy from Bengal, shoppers can look for cane items. Cane mats are very popular in Bengal. Cane baskets, table mats and even window curtains are useful products. The cane products are made from a special variety found in North Bengal.

And, last but not the least, tea connoisseurs can shop for finest quality of tea. Visiting Bengal and shopping for the famous Darjeeling tea is surely to be included in the shopping list.

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