Self-Hypnosis for Habits of High Achievers

Scientifically, it has been suggested that an act becomes a habit when the person performing it has done it successfully and consistently for 66 days on average.

Is it any wonder that most diet and exercise programs are 60 – 90 days?? The problem is 99% of people never make it that far. Pitting a new desired habit against an old one that has been there for years or decades isn’t exactly a fair fight. It’s no wonder that most bad habits persevere and new desirable habits never quite take root.

Want to level the playing field? Try hypnosis. Hypnosis can effectively make the body and mind believe the new desirable habits are present, exist, and have been around for ages. Simultaneously it will extinguish the bad ones.

Ever wonder what separates the high achievers, performers, and geniuses from you? The answer is startlingly simply – focus and discipline (read – good habits). They have it. You struggle with it. How many times have you asked yourself, “If only I had the discipline… If only I could focus… “?

You can.

Have you ever been driving along and then suddenly arrived at your destination without remembering the actual drive or what you did to get there? You were obviously awake and in control of your faculties, but upon parking you became concerned with what just happened. One of two things happened – You either A) became so focused on driving, everything outside of the experience became blocked off (your peripheral awareness), or B) you became so focused on another thought or idea, your subconscious took over the drive. A perfectly safe, normal, and focused state.

Guess what? You just became an involuntary participant of self-hypnosis. Due to so much bad press, publicity, and flat out fiction TV – most people don’t understand what hypnosis really is. Nearly everyone assumes it is an induced trance-like or sleep-like state. That really couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, just the opposite is true. Hypnosis is an extreme focused state. So much so, that peripheral awareness becomes nearly non-existent on a conscious level.

Where your conscious mind and habits betray you, your subconscious mind can take over. Self-hypnosis can effectively and reliably focus your subconscious to achieve the things (i.e. have the successful habits) that your body and mind have been so reluctant to in the past.

Do you want to be a “healthy person”, live a “fit lifestyle”, envelope the habits of the high achiever? Try self-hypnosis. It works.

Can you imagine passing by the piece of cake, chocolate, fast food stand with absolutely no temptation whatsoever? Try self-hypnosis.

Do you want to love and embrace exercise? Thirst for life-giving water? Have the energy of a prepubescent teen again? Try self-hypnosis.

Do you want to toil happily for hours on important tasks that you’ve been procrastinating about forever? Do you want the discipline to do what needs to be done now? Try self-hypnosis.

What’s the worst that can happen? You can stay exactly where you are or you can live the life you’ve always dreamed.

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