Self Employment Opportunities – What is Out There?

Everybody wants to be their own boss but not many people actually do anything about it. Are their legitimate self employment opportunities out there? Or are the home based businesses that you read about online simply a scam?  

In today’s world there are definitely many ‘real’ self employment opportunities available. The thing you need to remember is that ‘elf employment’ doesn’t mean ‘easy’. There is a huge misconception on the internet that any type of self employment opportunity is easy or a get rich scheme. For some reason every single internet market has decided to over sell and under deliver. In turn this has given legitimate home business opportunities a bad name. 

The Best Self Employment Opportunities are . . . . drum roll please.


-Web Design

-Data Entry

  • Graphic Design


-Online Surveys

Just to name a few

I want to concentrate on what I believe to be the best and most lucrative online job opportunity.

Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing? It is simply a system where a company allows people to promote their products and in return they receive a commission for every product that they sell. To sign up for an affiliate company you simply need to:

1.    Find a niche or genre that you would like to promote.

2.    Find a company within that niche that has an affiliate program.

3.   Go to their affiliate page and enter your details.

4.    You should then receive your own affiliate link which is a webpage that has their products on it.

5.    It is then you job to send traffic to that web page.

6.    Every person that comes to your affiliate page will be tracked via a ‘cookie’ (don’t worry if you don’t understand what a cookie is. I don’t and I still receive big monthly checks).

7.    When the customer buys a product you will be paid a commission.

Without doubt this is the best self employment opportunity that is currently available as you don’t need any capital to start and you don’t need to create your own web pages which can be very time consuming. One final tip I will give you is to try and find affiliate products that offer large commissions. There is no point in promoting an eBook that sells for $30 as after all of your hard work you will receive a poultry $15 or so. Target higher end products that offer commission of $1000 and up.

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