SBI SIP – Advantages of SIP Mutual Funds

Share trading and funds are the quick ways to earn more money. Those who are not skilled in share trading, opt for mutual funds. Since, trading of shares is done by fund manager. Good selection of Fund Company and mutual scheme should be done to ensure safety. SBI mutual funds are flexible. It can be diversified to reduce the losses, since market status can change at any time. Bull market can change suddenly into bear market.

Investing in funds require huge sum of money. SBI has found many methods to improve the investments in funds. One of them is the SBI mutual fund SIP schemes. Systematic Investment Plan is a method of smart and easy investing. The investment can be made in monthly basis. So automatically, the investment money breaks into smaller amounts. This enables the rural people and middle class people to invest in it.

The various benefits of SBI SIP plans are rupee cost averaging, low monthly investments, high returns, lower per unit acquiring cost and increasing investment value. Since money is invested over a long time period, averaging happens. Shares are also bought for long period. At last, the overall cost of the shares will be low. This is lower per unit acquiring cost. Return percentage of this plan is always higher compared to other plans. Various SIP mutual funds are Magnum Tax gain, Magnum Equity and Chota plan. Monthly investment is only 100 rupees in Chota plan.

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