Review of The Abundance Course by Larry Crane

Many self-improvement books and courses tell you what you need to do to improve your life and create abundance, but rarely do they show you how to do it.

The Abundance Course by Larry Crane not only tells you what you need to change, but shows you how to do it. The unique Release Technique offers a simple way to dig into your inner thoughts, your subconscious, and get rid of the negative energy, beliefs and thoughts that are holding you back.

One of the first things taught in the course is that wanting something goes along with feelings of lack. These feelings of lack prevent you from getting what you really desire! Think about it, when you want something, you’re focusing on the idea that you don’t have it. Because you’re focusing on not having it, all you will ever get is not having it. For example, I might want more money because I don’t have enough. The more I focus on wanting the money, the feeling that I lack money takes over and prevents me from achieving my desire to have more money. You will learn how to overcome these feelings of want, and how to change your thinking so that you attract the things you truly desire.

The Abundance Course was created by teachings from Lester Levenson. When Lester was just 42 years old, he found himself sick and dying in the hospital from heart failure. His doctors sent him home, telling him there was nothing they could do, and gave him only weeks to live. Lester knew he either had to change, or die. When he was at home, Lester started getting rid of all the negative feelings inside him through the Release Technique.

Larry Crane took Lester’s teachings, and made them his own through this unique course. There are 12 CDs (along with many bonuses), that actually walk you through step by step towards achieving abundance in your life. You can listen to them over and over again, and continue practicing and releasing.

The Abundance Course may not be right for you if you’re not willing to open your mind and actually do the simple exercises suggested. It is kind of like the student in the Karate Kid. At first, he didn’t see the point in the wax-on, wax-off exercises. Only by practicing and concentrating, and perfecting the skills was he able to move on and learn more. With continued practicing and doing, you will discover for yourself abundance in your own life.

Some of the exercises may be a little uncomfortable for you, as you explore your own mind and discover things about yourself that were hidden in your subconscious. By recognizing and confronting these thoughts and beliefs, you can release the negative feelings and resistance associated with them.

You will be amazed and surprised how simple and powerful this course really is. If you’ve ever wanted to achieve more, and find peace, happiness, and abundance, this course can help you.

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