Reinventing Retirement Baby Boomer Style by Dr. Deb Gilbert

I recently ran across the book ‘Reinventing Retirement Baby Boomer Style; The Activities Playbook’ by Dr. Deb Gilbert. From the title I was not sure what I was going to see, but after browsing the table of contents I was even more intrigued. Most retirement books are boring financial planning advice and there are a plethora of them. ‘Reinventing Retirement’ is a fresh and delightful look at what’s to come and how to live well in those ‘golden years.’ Dr. Gilbert addresses retirement income from the aspect of lifestyle; whether you will have a working retirement or not.

Dr. Gilbert gives great advice on planning with methods that can lead to a very enjoyable retirement regardless of personal economics. The book gets your creative juices flowing about pursuing dreams you might never have had the time to go after before, or how to discover your passion. Whether you find you want to try a new artsy path or maybe teach skills that you have acquired to others.

Dr. Gilbert encourages you to seek fulfillment through balance and passion. Maybe finally writing that book or novel is right for you. It is often said that every person has one good book in them, and writing can be an extremely rewarding experience. The story that you have to tell might be the next great American novel, or a biographical memoir that passes the lessons you have learned on for the benefit of generations not yet born; your legacy.

“Reflection and research are the yin and yang of a successful retired life, no matter what definition of success you are using. Reflection requires you to take some time to examine your needs and wants,” she tells us. This book is not just another ‘pep talk’ however. Dr. Deb puts her money where her mouth is with specific ideas and links to helpful websites such as giving back to your community, travel, how to balance your particular retirement lifestyle, things to do, exercise tips and much more. The book comes with brainstorm worksheets or ‘play sheets’ for planning that are available on Dr Deb Gilbert’s blog also.

“Dream big,” says Dr. Gilbert. “We all have had dreams that never came to fruition. Loving where you live during your retirement is critical. I have always wanted to live close to a beach, so that I could go (at least) every weekend. When I relocated during my empty nest period, I specifically looked for work near a beach. Now, I have my pick of several different beaches, all within a two-hour drive. Your retirement is the time of your life that you have the most control over. All day, every day, is yours and yours alone to do with as you will. Fill your time with things that make you happy.”

If you are a baby boomer already retired or looking ahead to retirement, I recommend this book knowing everyone will find things they relate to, new ideas, and be inspired.

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