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2800+ Happy users! Thank You So Much!

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Frontend user login and property submission

Test R-T-L

Script was born to be ahead in innovation and at the peak of the real estate portal solutions, specifically designed for easy customization and use.

<strong>Result of desire to make our clients happy is this completely new redesign for our script even after 6 successful year on marketplace and we still try to make our script even better!</strong>

Why is Real estate agency portal script your best choice for real estate business?

  • You can earn money providing listing and featured submissions for visitors on portal with PayPal/Cash/Bank transfer payment support
  • You can earn money with Google AdSense or other similar service
  • You can add custom fields (textareas, inputs, dropdowns, upload) / Indoor amenities / Outdoor amenities / distances direct from Admin interface (No programming skills needed)
  • Top notch multilanguage (Backend+Frontend) features like auto-translating with MyMemory API service and Google translator (manually corrections are also supported), RTL, look this extra simplicity, try administration!
  • Real multicurrency support ( different currency and different price on different language and different purposes Sale/Rent )
  • Exclusive innovation on results filtering (Very simple, intuitive and powerful), you must try this on our live preview!
  • Supported front-end and backend user-types/roles with submissions: Admin, Agent and front-end Agent/User with admin verification
  • Front-end Facebook login for extra lazy guys
  • Each agent/agency and user have public profile page with all listings, logo can be listed on homepage
  • Enquires system for you and your agents in administration
  • Extra easy to use, drag & drop multi image upload, reorder images, pages, fields
  • Innovative drag & drop Menu and pages builder with logical page structure embedded
  • Check in / check out dates for rental purpose.
  • Backup your database and files direct from administration
  • Easy to make new custom theme, Bootstrap responsive example with 6 color styles provided and nice documentation
  • Track your visitors with Google Analytics
  • Based on Codeigniter, so if you know it you can easy customize anything you want
  • Incredible support, documentation, knowledge base, FAQ section and quick answering on any issue!
If at least one of the answers is yes, see the application and <strong>you wll love it</strong>.

Support Open Street Maps and Google Maps.

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Visual Page Editing.

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Add/Edit, Drag & drop any field, Indoor/outdoor amenities, distances, or custom fields like Floor etc. with icons of course.

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Real Estate Agency Portal - 4

More then 60+ languages supported with auto-translate feature based on MyMemory API and Google translator

Support all world currencies in listings (can be different based on langauge) and all PayPal supported currencies for PayPal payments

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Native multilanguage support

<img src="" alt="Real Estate Agency Portal - 6" />

Easy location entering

Auto-suggest based on City, County, Zip

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<h3 id="item-description__easy-search-form-template-customization">Easy search form template customization</h3>

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Visual energy efficient and gas emissions plugin

Walkscore plugin integrated

Search for properties near your address

Drag & Drop files/images for multiple upload or reorder

Custom upload fields like plan image company image etc…

Facebook login for lazy guys…

Facebook comments social plugin integrated

Agent/admin stars rating and views counter for each property

Extra color examples with demo picker for test

Real Estate Agency Portal - 9

What People Are Saying About Real Estate Agency Portal

Real Estate Agency Portal - 10


The script is so <strong>awesome</strong> that there are <strong>several clones on the market (with public confession)</strong>, you can not make a mistake if you <strong>buy the original version</strong> <img src="/images/smileys/wink.png" alt="" />)&#8221; title=&#8221;;)&#8221; /&gt;

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We will try to maintain compatibility with old layout to simplify update proccess for our old clients

Real Estate Agency Portal - 12

Extendable with many addons and themes

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Property Listing and Hotel Booking Portal #02
Real Estate Retro Template #03
City Guide Directory Portal
Classified Ads Script - Infinity Market

Similar WordPress theme also available

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<h3 id="item-description__documentation">Documentation</h3>

<a href="" rel="nofollow">Technical documentation</a>, <a href="" rel="nofollow">Knowledge base, FAQ, Support center</a>
  • Application is based on CodeIgniter PHP framework, if you know CodeIgniter you can easily customize the system.
  • CodeIgniter is a very simple framework with the best documentation ever seen, so you can easy learn it.

Download Package

  • Source JS
  • Source CSS
  • Source PHP files
  • Documentation
  • Preview example and bootstrap theme examples

Server requirements

  • PHP version 5.6 or newer
  • MySQL (4.1+)


1.6.9 – 28 Yanuary 20

  • PHP 8 support
  • Currency picker not dependent on language
  • Langauge picker improvements
  • Search form improvements with tabs and search more
  • Layout small fixes on design
  • Compatibility with addons

1.6.8 – 18. August 20

  • Layout small fixes on design
  • Compatibility with addons

Update instructions from 1.6.7: extract all files except ”/files” folder and ”/application/config” folder and update database by running updater script: index.php/updater

1.6.7 – 29. February 20

  • Layout complete redesign
  • PHP 7.4 compatibility fixes
  • Compatibility with addons

Update instructions from 1.6.6: extract all files except ”/files” folder and ”/application/config” folder and update database by running updater script: index.php/updater

1.6.6 – 03. June19

  • Layout fixes
  • PHP 7.3 compatibility fixes
  • Facebook compatibility fixes
  • Google API improvements
  • Compatibility with addons

Update instructions from 1.6.5: extract all files except ”/files” folder and ”/application/config” folder and update database by running updater script: index.php/updater

1.6.5 – 24.October 18

  • Google/Maps api improvements
  • Layout fixes on mobile devices
  • cms_config.php added support for $config[‘terms_link’]
  • translation improvements
  • mobile apps api improvements
  • new PHP support improvements
  • geocoding loading indicator
  • preview listing link added on edit listing form
  • https improvements
<strong>Update instructions from 1.6.4:</strong> extract all files except &#8221;/files&#8221; folder and &#8221;/application/config&#8221; folder and update database by running updater script: index.php/updater

1.6.4 hotfix1 – 31.July 18

  • DB issue with saving treefield
  • Amazon AWS improved support
  • Small layout improvements
  • Open street maps support (backend + frontend)
<strong>Update instructions from 1.6.4:</strong> extract all files except &#8221;/files&#8221; folder and &#8221;/application/config&#8221; folder and update database by running updater script: index.php/updater 2x times if you using older version

1.6.4 – 4. July 18

  • Easy translations for widgets on frontend
  • Listing Management improvement
  • Google API updates
  • Small Layout improvements
  • Responsive improvements
  • Widget editing links improvements
  • Clone listing feature
  • FIX, Added missing text for translations
<strong>Update instructions from 1.6.2:</strong> extract all files except &#8221;/files&#8221; folder and &#8221;/application/config&#8221; folder and update database by running updater script: index.php/updater 2x times

1.6.2 – 16 November 17

  • WYSIWYG editor changed
  • New templates and plugins compatibility
  • [FIX] DB fix
  • [FIX] Layout issues
<strong>Update instructions from 1.6.1:</strong> extract all files except &#8221;/files&#8221; folder and &#8221;/application/config&#8221; folder and update database by running updater script: index.php/updater

1.6.1 – 22 June 17

<strong>Update instructions from 1.6.0:</strong> extract all files except &#8221;/files&#8221; folder and &#8221;/application/config&#8221; folder and update database by running updater script: index.php/updater

1.6.0 – 9 November 16

  • Update to PHP 5.6 as required
  • offline page support
  • visual search form builder
  • Links on slider
  • some responsive design improvements
  • address/gps not required
  • date field type
  • dropdown multiple field type
  • is_features for api added
  • more number format supported for price
  • profile social links added to property preview
  • external links improvements
  • live results counters on sidebar search
  • search and remove multiple inquiries
  • user search by email in admin
<strong>Update instructions from 1.5.9:</strong> extract all files except &#8221;/files&#8221; folder and &#8221;/application/config&#8221; folder and update database by running updater script: index.php/updater

1.5.9 – 2 July 16

  • HTTPS issues
  • PHP7 compatibility improvements
  • agent description fix
  • added
  • lite caching feature, for fast loading menu, property, agent pages
  • recaptcha support
  • user/admin menu improvements, quick links to edit page
  • searchable dropdown elements, designed for large number of listings, tested with 100.000
  • danish flag renamed
  • custom fields for user profile
  • map pin markers and amenities icons now can be uploaded via admin
  • Renamed badget to badge
  • Hints on property submission form for each field
  • Updater improvements
  • Last edit IP saved in database
<strong>Update instructions from 1.5.8:</strong> extract all files except ?/files? folder and ?/application/config? folder and update database by running updater script: index.php/updater

1.5.8 – 20 February 16

  • Admin dashboard map translation parameter support
  • Single website link for homepage in all menu items
  • inquiries search in admin, same as user/properties
  • Favicon icon upload
  • Watermark upload via admin
  • Property submission disabled feature via admin
  • Facebook comments widget translations
  • Commercial google translate api support
  • Title and link on slider images
  • Breadcrumb added
  • customsearch2 template with price scales example
  • api improvements for external app support
  • [FIX] change color fix for some login pages
  • [FIX] double markers when adding property on frontend
  • [FIX] Fixes in result items
  • [FIX] External modules compatibility
  • [FIX] Missing translation on editproperty
<strong>Update instructions from 1.5.7:</strong> extract all files except ?/files? folder and ?/application/config? folder and update database by running updater script: index.php/updater

1.5.7 – 27 December 15

  • Field hidden on preview page fix
  • Spanish and Italian language files update, thanks to E.B.
  • Image cutter and resizer
  • Pagination on agent profile page
<strong>Update instructions from 1.5.6:</strong> extract all files except ?/files? folder and ?/application/config? folder and update database by running updater script: index.php/updater

1.5.6 – 25 October 15

  • Persian language updated, Thanks to S.G.!
  • Google translations API updated
  • Disabled removing last ADMIN
  • New email your property waiting for activation
  • New email you property is activated by ADMIN/AGENT
  • Agent video upload field
  • “cookie warning for EU” now translatable
  • Rectangle size depends on zoom index
  • Google-maps controls reposition
  • Profile page with pagination
  • Agent other estates pagination
  • Dropdown language menu version
  • Delete multiple properties at once for admin
  • Upload marker icon/image in bootstrap2-responsive template
<strong>Update instructions from 1.5.5:</strong> extract all files except ?/files? folder and ?/application/config? folder and update database by running updater script: index.php/updater

1.5.5 – 6 August 15

  • map popup as widget
  • translation files zip export
  • property inquiry form auto populated for logged users
  • Czech keyboard fix for numeric inputs
  • Installation error reporting improvement
  • Validation improvements for non-existing coordinates
  • Script news hidden for agent
  • mail & widgets & templates code editor
  • Mortgage calculator module support (cost additionally)
  • admin map fixed location support
  • all emails now have template files
  • Numerical filtering range enable in database
  • Facebook share buttons to top on property preview
  • Only search header template added
  • Modules in administration
  • Beta feature: Searching parameters and pagination added to URL, can be enabled with:
    $config[‘enable_ajax_url’] = TRUE;
  • Facebook login updated for api v2.4 support, with adding:
    $config[‘facebook_api_version’] = ‘2.4’;
  • check chmod on installation and adding languages
  • Database problem with special chars in password fixed
<strong>Update instructions from 1.5.4:</strong> extract all files except ?/files? folder and ?/application/config? folder and update database by running updater script: index.php/updater

1.5.4 – 25 May15

  • Serbian language added, thanks to R.M.!
  • Installation disabled if database is not empty
  • Updater, disable clicking 2 times on update button
  • tidy HTML fixer integrated into auto translator
  • Admin marker issue, double markers fixed
  • Backup issue can’t be restored fixed
  • Add notice to recommend cpanel backups as well
  • Disable FAQ configurator parameter added
  • Few settings moved from cms_config.php to administration
  • My messages added for frontend agents/users
  • Benchmarking tools
  • Tested and optimized with 10.000 properties
  • Performance improvements also in backend/admin
  • Multi-domain support (different domain for different language)
  • Agent description added on agent profile page
  • ?search=zagreb now filter also map results
  • Header template can be changed via admin
  • Footer template can be changed via admin
  • On translate files, also translate content if same exists
  • Properties search in admin
  • Payment can be disabled
  • Depended fields (Specific inputs hidden for land or other type of property)
  • Company info added to preview page
  • Last script news, tips, instructions added to dashboard
<strong>Update instructions from 1.5.3:</strong> extract all files except ?/files? folder and ?/application/config? folder and update database by running new updater script: index.php/updater

1.5.3 – 8 March 15

  • Website link in administration
  • Configurator improvement
  • Suffix/Prefix added into property submission forms
  • Hide copy to other language if only one language is in system
  • Property preview button in admin page
  • Reduce register fields configuration
  • GPS coordinates and Email validation in Settings->Company contact form
  • Set current language fix in administration
  • Performance improvements for website with more then 1000 properties
  • Plan image now showing on non-default languages even if added only for default language…
  • RTL improvements
  • Autodetect user language from browser (2 chars) and redirect to language if exists
  • Required validation added to fields
  • Paginations ajax url if accessing from google redirected to homepage.
  • Restricted mode added so only loged user can see page, cms_config.php:
    // $config[‘enable_restricted_mode’] = TRUE;
  • estates database structure changes and performance improvements
  • Map now limited to 100 properties for default preview
  • Auto-update script for database update
  • Additional sitemap data like lastmod and changefreq
  • Rectangle search added to map view
  • Agent estates on property preview limited to 6
  • Language tabs always on top when edit property in administration
  • Improvement on file uploading and deleting validation
  • Walkscore plugin added to property page
  • Croatian translations updated
  • Frequently asked questions added to administration directly
<strong>Update instructions from 1.5.2:</strong> extract all files except ?/files? folder and ?/application/config? folder and update database by running new updater script: index.php/updater

1.5.2 BETA – 29 December 14

  • Carousel images improvement for property view, vertical centered, thanks to I.R.
  • Hide category feature on property preview page, thanks to Y.P.
  • Translation feature for pages and estate content, thanks to S.L.
  • Translation and copy to other lang feature added to frontend submission
  • More translation improvements on file translations
  • Additional color theme, WHITE
  • Upload field type for custom uplaods and property plan image uploading
  • All button added to frontend search, thanks to M.V.
  • Energy efficient plugin, thanks to S.L. and P.B.
  • New configuration possibilities:
    // $config[‘contrast_captcha_enabled’] = TRUE;
    // $config[‘logout_redirection_uri’] = ’’;
  • Configurator check captcha folder for writing permissions
  • var scrollWheelEnabled = false; configuration added to head.php
  • Agent / User search in administration, Thanks to V.S.
  • ID added to property preview page
  • HTML email formating example added
  • Field “I Agree To The Terms & Conditions” added when submitting property on frontend, thanks to V.S.
  • Auto created marker when adding new property, simplified gps entering…
  • Confirmation email on registration
  • Print button adden on print preview
  • Marker popup on click or mouseover, configurable, default changed to click…
  • RSS feature,
  • JSON export API feature,
  • [FIX] Frontend user profile image ordering
  • [FIX] Frontend user my properties title link
  • [FIX] Backend tables responsive on mobile devices
  • [FIX] Autocomplete disabled on smart search input field
  • [FIX] MyMemory translation api
<strong>Update instructions from 1.5.1:</strong> extract all files except ?/files? folder and ?/application/config? folder and update database, in phpmyadmin select database and import update-1.5.2.sql.

1.5.1 – 8 October 14

  • Facebook comments on property
  • Featured icon
  • Ownership filed added
  • Views counter on property details and results
  • Rent inc., Rent excl. prices field added
  • Reviews pro (agent & admin) and Additional module support for user reviews
  • Persian language added (For Iran, Afganistan, Tajikistan), Thanks to Amin T.
  • Russian translation updated, Thanks to YRIX
  • Arabic language added, Thanks to Bassam A.
  • RTL improvements, Thanks to Amin T.
  • DB update debug table
  • Populated enquire form fields based on session
  • Validation on languages improved, show language
  • Edit profile for frontend users
  • Showroom on sitemap improvement
  • Fix, Captcha sometime returns wrong captcha
  • Fix, Few small fixes, for rent prices on homepage
<strong>Update instructions from 1.5.0:</strong> extract all files except ?/files? folder and ?/application/config? folder and update database, in phpmyadmin select database and import update-1.5.1.sql.

<li>Please don&#8217;t forget to make a backup!</li>

1.5.0 – 16 August 14

  • Google AdSense support added in Admin, earn additional money with your website
  • PayPal payment for featured, earn more extra money!
  • Facebook login
  • Carousel slider improvement with thumbnail image
  • Backup module added, for images and database
  • Inovative results filtering on homepage
  • MyMemory and Google free translation API integrated for translation language files
  • Category ‘Distances from’ examples added (Beach, Train, Metro, Bus, Pharmacies, Bakery, Restourant, Coffee shop…)
  • Amenities categorized example to Indoor/Outdoor amenities
  • Field Floor added as new example for option
  • Currency and other fields now can be prefixed also… (for pounds etc…)
  • Print version added on view property
  • Additional Agents listing page template example
  • Cash option / Withdrawal payment added, after payment admin can activate property manually
  • Agencies example added to homepage, bottom
  • Main menu beginner version with more left menu items in administration
  • icons added in edit property for frontend and backend
  • Prices for featured listing and activation available on registration/login page
  • Added flag icon in frontend languages menu
  • On one language pages, menu is now hidden
  • Custom map and black design added to demo as default
  • Latest articles/news/blog posts added to homepage example
  • Add prefix for options
  • Map added on slideshow bottom
  • Icons added to results listing
  • page_featured.php prices example added
  • Validation for dropdown option added (same number of values for each language)
  • Logo in footer definition moved from css to HTML , so easily can be detected and changed…
  • Watermark on ads and slideshow module removed and disabled size restrictions
  • Profile and Property page, now agents estates are ordered from newest…
  • Copy to all languages feature improvements (Copy numeric and empty values)
  • cms_config.php new parameter, $config[‘disable_responsive’] = TRUE;
<strong>Update instructions from 1.4.9:</strong> extract all files except ?/files? folder and ?/application/config? folder and update database, in phpmyadmin select database and import update-1.5.0.sql.

Additional, you should copy facebook.php to your ?/application/config? folder

<li>Please don&#8217;t forget to make a backup!</li>

1.4.9 – 19 July 14

  • Hotfixed, collapse menu added
  • PayPal payment feature for property/listing activation, monetize your website now!
  • Captcha on frontend forms
  • Agent profile page
  • Forget password feature
  • Order by price in results
  • Private pages, for logged users only, Thanks to S. Lopez!
  • Agents pagination and search feature included
  • Listing expiry date added
  • Purchase code checker added to configurator script
  • Featured properties now have border and colored address in results
  • Articles/News/Blog SEO uri-s
  • Gallery added to ‘page_homepage.php’
  • File repository added to property view
  • Admin search, show not_activated warning now
  • Properties on same address gmap view improvement
  • Menu item without link feature added, just enter ’#’ into keywords of wanted page
  • Upload images watermark issue with small images fixed
  • Quote in title characted issue fixed for new added properties
  • Non-responsive template version removed
  • Few minor fixes and improvements included
  • cms_config.php new parameter, $config[‘cookie_warning_enabled’] = TRUE; // For EU countries
  • cms_config.php new parameter, $config[‘custom_map_center’] = ‘27.175015, 78.042155’; // For fixed map center
  • cms_config.php new parameter, $config[‘show_not_available_amenities’] = TRUE;
  • cms_config.php new parameter, $config[‘all_results_default’] = TRUE; // To show all results on homepage by default, no purpose selected
  • cms_config.php new parameter, $config[‘reactivation_enabled’] = TRUE; // Property must be activated again after changes
<strong>Update instructions from 1.4.8:</strong> extract all files except ?/files? folder and ?/application/config? folder and update database, in phpmyadmin select database and import update-1.4.9.sql.

Because of purchase code checker, you must add following to your ‘applicationconfigcms_config.php’:

$config['codecanyon_username'] = 'your_codecanyon_username';
$config['codecanyon_code'] = 'your_purchase_code';

Where to find purchase code?

If you using customized template without captcha, then you need add $config[‘captcha_disabled’] = true; in your ‘applicationconfigcms_config.php’

1.4.8 – 21 May 14

  • Frontend listings change order from publish_date ASC to DESC
  • My location button feature on Google Map
  • Dutch translation added, Thanks to Floris w.!
  • Add embed video field added
  • seo-godaddy.htaccess added
  • robots.txt example added
  • Customization on purple theme example
  • Custom Map translation added
  • URL transitions for few new languages added: Czech, Mongolian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Russian, Thanks to Dima!
  • Hidden pages, not visible in menu
  • Fixed, Zoom images on iPad mini
  • Fixed, Homepage slideshow pagination
  • Fixed, address characters on contact page error cause map crash
  • Fixed, Agent can become admin
  • Fixed, pagination sometimes show plain JSON
<strong>Update instructions from 1.4.7:</strong> extract all files except ?/files? folder and ?/application/config? folder and update database, in phpmyadmin select database and import update-1.4.8.sql.

1.4.7 – 21 April 14 (Hotfixed)

  • Additional Color variation theme examples (Orange, Purple, Black) with demo preview
  • Articles page type added with template example
  • Custom map style example added in, ‘templatesbootstrap2-responsivecomponentshead.php’
    —More custom maps can be found on
  • Clickable cluster event added to cluster config
  • RTL test added to live demo,
  • seo-v2.htaccess mod_rewrite configuration added
  • When all options are not translated, dropdown’s doesn’t work, fiexd
  • Email export file spaced in Windows notepad, fixed


  • Agent interface, show just agent properties
  • Blank screen on some localhost installations
  • Update SQL script issue
<strong>Update instructions from 1.4.6:</strong> extract all files except ?/files? folder and ?/application/config? folder and update database, in phpmyadmin select database and import update-1.4.7.sql.

1.4.6 – 6 April 14

  • 3 Color variations theme examples (Red, Green, Blue) with demo preview
    —If you want to specify color, in ‘application/config/cms_config.php’ add line $config[‘color’] = ‘red’;
  • Beta frontend RTL support (If someone knows well RTL, please let me know)
  • Template parameter added {is_rtl}…{/is_rtl} for RTL customization in template
  • Search query added, example:
  • URI characters transformation, added for turkish language.
  • Featured properties template example added
  • Hidden amenities category added
  • Property options values_correction validation added, when user enter spaces
  • Language admin translation fixed for $ character
<strong>Update instructions from 1.4.5:</strong> extract all files except ?/files? folder and ?/application/config? folder and update database, in phpmyadmin select database and import update-1.4.6.sql.

1.4.5 – 23 March 14

  • Clustering, Map InfoWindow AutoPan, Draggable now configurable in responsive theme
  • Login link added
  • SMTP configuration added to ‘applicationlibrariesMY_Email.php’
  • configuration to change URI ‘property’->’listing’:
    – Add $config[‘listing_uri’] = ‘listing’; to cms_config.php
  • External link supported now, you just need to add page to menu and your link with ‘http’ included to keywords
  • Featured properties listing on top of results now
  • Footer and Header template saparated
  • DateTimePicker translation added
  • GPS data format validation added
  • Rename ‘Visible in frontend’ => ‘Visible in frontend submission’.
  • Simplify badget translations, just images in badgets folder
  • Performance issue on edit property when you have >=100 options on >=3 languages improved…
  • Generate_sitemap fix and performance improvements…
  • Enquire message length limitation removed
  • Opera Browser responsive menu fix
  • Login failure in rare situations (after 2 hour of inactivity) fixed
<strong>Update instructions from 1.4.4:</strong> extract all files except ?/files? folder and ?/application/config? folder and update database, in phpmyadmin select database and import update-1.4.5.sql. There are few new fields in frontend translation files, so you need to translate this new fields for your language.

1.4.4 – 9 March 14

  • German language pack added. Thanks to Sassun Mirzakhanyan!
  • “Changes are saved” message added when saving properties/pages in admin and frontend.
  • Email alerts on new not actiated property from user
  • Facebook/social code embed in admin
  • Selected property change icon to red color
  • Homepage show first option purpose results, and not “Sale” based on template name
  • Watermark support for specific images format
<strong>Update instructions from 1.4.3:</strong> extract all files except &#8221;/files&#8221; folder and &#8221;/application/config&#8221; folder and update database, in phpmyadmin select database and import update-1.4.4.sql<br /><br />

1.4.3 – 3 March 14

  • Responsive Frontend demo template example!
  • Language file translation feature now available in admin, no more file editing!
  • Fullscreen Map template example
  • Activate/deactivate all user properties feature in administration
  • Tag {estate_data_icon} added for property template
  • InfoWindow added to property map, with GPS and address
  • Route suggestion added to property
  • Marker icon based by property type in Admin
  • Noreply email added to settings
  • Frontend zoom parameter added to settings
  • Admin estates and users pagination, default 20 per page
  • Frontend results loading indicator, and effect slideEffect removed
  • Tag {featured_properties}…{/featured_properties} added to template
  • CSS icons height fix in general amenities
  • General amenities and property title in results, fixed height defined in CSS
  • Options problems with order fixed


  • Turkish language files added, thanks to Turan Ta?k?n Sabah!
  • Hidden languages not visible in sitemap (Please save any page, just for sitemap update)
  • Gallery image blueimp script updated to new version
  • Few iOS7 Safari issue fixed
  • Spanish translation added, Thanks to Luis Eduardo Miralles!
  • Map just remove markers if no results on search, no change of location.
  • Slideshow responsive improvement
  • Responsive menu improvement for small devices
  • Available languages listing when adding new language
  • Few mini-fixes/mini-improvements in frontend and backend
  • hash function detection improvements fur server that doesn’t support hash function
  • Language edit limitation to hide all languages (One must always be visible)
  • Language edit fix for unique language detection
  • Russian language pack added, Thanks toAndrew!
  • Search properties near wanted addres
<strong>Update instructions from 1.4.2:</strong> extract all files except &#8221;/files&#8221; folder and &#8221;/application/config&#8221; folder and update database, in phpmyadmin select database and import update-1.4.3.sql<br /><br />

1.4.2 – 24 February 14

  • Map Location Marker for property type added
  • Auto-suggest for County, City, Zip (List only available)
  • Refresh map markers based on search results, also can be disabled ( var mapRefresh = false; )
  • Icon examples added to property amenities
  • Auto-resize normal-size images to 1024×768
  • Sitemap generator improvements
  • Improvement in auto-tab selection by title ( Sale and Rent example provided, user asks for Newlunches )
  • Disable auto-drag on map example, in customsearch template file
  • Links Back to web-page / admin-interface
  • Hard lock for options implemented, for elements that should not be removed
  • {has_page_images}…{/has_page_images} integrated to template
  • Upload progressbar css improvement
  • GoDaddy fix for delete images
  • Translation for email subject added
  • Few mini-bugs fixed and mini-improvements in backend and frontend
  • For amenities if {tag} exists, {has_option_#}…{/has_option_#}
<strong>Update instructions from 1.4.1:</strong> extract all files except &#8221;/files&#8221; folder and &#8221;/application/config&#8221; folder and update database, in phpmyadmin select database and import update-1.4.2.sql<br /><br />

1.4.1 – 18 February 14

  • Auto-search when click on property purpose (Rent, Sale, …), example added to page_customsearch.php
  • Option locked feature (For options that requiring template customisations)
  • Option Frontend visible feature (For options that will be hidden on frontend submission)
  • Button for copy data (dropdown, checkboxes) to other languages if you want this
  • Server that doesn’t support HTTP DELETE method issues, fixed
  • “application” and “system” folder outside default path now supported, for security
  • Database port added to configurator
  • Contact form ‘settings’ issue fixed
  • Add language, validation-improvement
  • Few bug fixed and mini-improvements in backend, frontend and sitemap

Update instructions from 1.4: extract all files except ”/files” folder and ”/application/config” folder and update database, in phpmyadmin select database and import update-1.4.1.sql.

1.4 – 12 February 14

  • Drop-down search-field for category General amenities template example, page_customsearch.php
  • Search tab manipulation-example added to template example, page_customsearch.php
  • Export user list feature in administration, can be used for insert/import to newslatter script like MailChimp
  • Added template parameters (last_estates_num, array last_estates) and template example to show last 3 added
  • properties, page_customsearch.php
  • “short_open_tag=On” is no longer necessary
  • Update from jQuery-1.8.2 to jQuery-1.8.3, fix frontend issues in Opera Browser.
  • Page visual editor height in “code mode” issue fixed
  • Few bugs in backend and frontend fixed, when adding new property and no agent is selected, changing language in property, language files missing errors
  • Configurator improvements, check for writable files/folders

Update instructions from 1.3: extract all files except ”/files” folder and ”/application/config” folder.

1.3 – 8 February 14

  • URI optimization, from “frontend/property/” to “property/
  • Logo link url issue fixed
  • Hidden date-range in admin for non-rental properties now is empty
  • not hidden, because it can be usable if admin/agent want to edit enquire->change property that can be rentable
  • Zip code example added, searchable
  • Search filter improvements for numerical values, examples for Max price, Min price, Bathrooms, Bedrooms
  • No more jQuery customization needed for new standard search fields, just add it to form by HTML
  • Checkbox support and example added to search-form
  • Added template parameters (options_values_li_#)
  • Admin dashboard design improvements for non-validated properties label
  • Admin map not showing all properties error fixed
  • Search form HTML template moved to components
  • Android 4.x HTML fix for h2 tags
  • General amenities that is not available show with X, instead of hidden
  • Frontend JS optimisations

1.2 – 3 February 14

  • Email validation for Enquire form in frontend property
  • Language problem with url fixed
  • #.Uu4ba_tklH8 removed from URL in theme example
  • Google maps translated based on lang_code added to theme example
  • IE8 issue with frontend map fixed
  • Database Host and Database Driver added to configurator

1.1 ? 28 January 14

  • Property Sale and Rent in same time example
  • Option suffix field, usage example for currency, area etc…
  • Added template parameters for suffix (options_suffix_#, category_options_#->option_suffix, has_option_#, is_purpose_rent, is_purpose_sale)
  • Example with more currency used, price for rent and sale
  • Different price for sale and rent
  • New, sold, action badget added to theme example
  • Configurator security fixes (Old passwords after update will not work!)
  • For rental purpose, check_in / check_out date fields in Enquire form.
  • Energy efficiency field added to theme example
  • Front end submition with activate feature for admin (alpha version)

1.0 ? 17 January 14

  • Initial release


If you enjoy this application please rate & share it! If you are rating it with less than 5 stars please drop me a mail why it didn?t achieve a full score and what could be improved in your opinion.


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