Qiviana Review – Is This a Legitimate Business Opportunity?

Qivana is a multilevel marketing business opportunity based in the health and wellness industry. The mission statement of the company is to “put you, the Independent Business Owner (IBO), at the center of everything. Our sole mission is to make you and others like you the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.” So can you be a successful entrepreneur with this opportunity? Here are some facts of the business.

Qivana is a multilevel direct sales opportunity with its main products focusing on weight control, energy and of course daily needed nutritional supplements we need each day. The products range from nutritional drinks to powder mixes and multivitamin tabs. The cost to begin is the purchase of the products each individual desires with the agreement to retain at least a 100pv purchased every month thereafter.

The compensation plan is very similar to many business opportunities in this industry. There will be of course a retail commission based on personal sales but for the bonuses it will require attaining a certain volume each month. To reach the bonus levels will require the recruiting of many individuals into the opportunity itself. The compensation structure is based upon a binary system with a requirement of at least 500 in a group volume sold each month to qualify in just one of the legs. There are 7 bonus levels and each has a group volume that must be met to qualify.

Although Qivana is a legitimate business opportunity this industry does have a high attrition rate due to poor sponsoring, lack of solid training and not completing your due diligence into the compensation structure. This opportunity will be based upon massive recruiting of many individuals into your downline to truly create a substantial income. It is always best to do your complete due diligence before joining any business opportunity and learn how to quickly and effectively brand yourself as a leader to truly guarantee your success.

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