Preparing Yourself For The Perfect Hiking Experience

Hiking is not just a sport just like every other outdoor sport that we have known, it is one of the most thought provoking and exciting activities that we ever can pander to. Although, in our over eagerness and keenness, we often ignore the basics. Eventually, this leads to numerous amounts of tragedies, as the one’s gone for hike were not very well equipped and prepared for the circumstances that arise. Keeping these incidents in mind, few of the more experienced hikers have put down some important guidelines and released some online videos that can be of great help for hikers.

Following are the few essentials, that are a must carry for hikers:

• A map of the location that you chose to hike in: a detailed map of an area where you are going to hike is always helpful, as it assists us by showing the distance between the trail, general landscape of the area, as well as the highways and nearest settlement of humans. This may come in very handy for you and useful as well.

• Water and food: These are not just a basic necessity in general, but are the two most important essentials when hiking. These always needs to be packed in abundance. You should make sure that extra supplies of water as well as energy eatables like food supplements and protein bars need to stocked, in case of emergency.

• A Compass: A fully functional compass is one of the essentials that need to be used in combination along with the map. This equipment or tool, comes in very handy to determine the directions, when necessary.

• A flashlight and a medical kit: A medical kit is something that you cannot afford to miss in your backpack. It is a life saving kit, and its importance can be known only when you are hurt, or bruised. You need to carry important medicines that you may need as well as bandages and pain relief sprays. However, a flashlight is equally important, as it will help you navigate in the night, or in dark places in daytime.

• Fire equipments and clothes: You need to always carry an extra piece of clothing so that you don’t have to wear dirty clothes drenched in sweat, as they may also cause infections. And also you should carry essential fire tool like a lighter, which will be very helpful for you to start a fire when necessary.

Along with the above mentioned essentials, following are a few more important tools that will make sure that you have a safe and exciting hike: you can also carry a rain gear, provided you chose to hike in the rainy season, if not than sunglasses, a sun block cream to avoid harmful rays penetrating your skin, a utility knife also comes in handy.

The above were the necessaries that you could carry, but to ensure your safety, you also need to be totally aware of your surroundings, so do keep your eyes and ears open.

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