Power Affirmations – "I Am an Independent Thinker"

Here are a few new Power Affirmations you may find helpful:

“I am an independent thinker. I study multiple points of view and then select the ideas that make the most sense for my personal situation.”

The greatest minds in history questioned the status quo of their time. They studied multiple view points and then created a synthesis of new thoughts and ideas. When it comes to your life, think for yourself. Take charge of your own mind. If you don’t think for yourself, there are plenty of other people ready and willing to do your thinking for you.

“I now diligently study and apply the proven principles of wealth building and personal finance.”

If you want to build and create wealth, you must make it a study. And you don’t have to start from scratch. There are proven principles of wealth building outlined in many books. And don’t just limit your study to popular books that you will find in regular book stores. Seek out more academic business books like you might find in a college book store. Don’t just take popular (and expensive) seminars, audit college courses.

“I use money for long term advantage for myself and for others.”

Be patient. Don’t pursue “rich quick” strategies. Building wealth can happen quickly, but it still takes time. Money is meant to be used, not to just lie stagnant in a bank account. Use your current funds to create long term advantages. Use your money to help create advantages for others as well as yourself. When you help others, you also help yourself.

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Source by Bill Marshall

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