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Version 8.1.0 – 01 Oct 20

Added: New Demo - Cleaning Services
Added: New Demo - Industry & Factory
Added: New Demo - Startup Agency
Added: New Demo Resume Skin - Blue
Added: New Demo Resume Skin - Red
Added: New Demo Resume Skin - Green
Added: New Demo Resume Skin - Dark
Added: New Shop Order Complete page
Added: New Shop Quick View button (opens a lightbox/popup with product details)
Added: New Shop Offer Countdown at products image frames
Added: New Section Parallax - Scrollable Parallax
Added: New Shape Dividers to use as section divider
Added: New style variation "Process Shapes" for Process element/shortcode
Added: New header and footer in all Shop pages
Added: Navigation Menu - New ability to navigate using key TAB (better accessibility)

Updated: Login pages updated
Updated: Corporate, Portfolio and Blog demos font family updated
Updated: Elements Page Header updated
Updated: Font Family Oswald 
Updated: Demo Church - Increase header height
Updated: Demo Resume - Font family changed to Poppins
Updated: Demo Construction - Improved Fonts
Updated: Demo Corporate 11 - Improved border radius (square)
Updated: Demo Corporate 3 - Improved fonts and header extra info icons
Updated: Dark menu dropdowns font color improved with better contrast
Updated: Shop Product Detail - Improved layout
Updated: Shop Cart, Checkout - Improved Layout

Fixed: Background video always showing image poster on mobile devices
Fixed: Instagram Feed
Fixed: Porto Admin Extension javascript fix
Fixed: Footer Newsletter input border radius issue
Fixed: Elements Overview carousel height issue when navigate
Fixed: Before/After element/shortcode not initializing
Fixed: Button Primary Color with wrong color when active/focus state
Fixed: Icons Animaed not loading
Fixed: Boxed Layout menu active item border wrong position
Fixed: Demo SEO 2 - Image with wrong position
Fixed: Demo Corporate Hosting - Input borders issue
Fixed: Demo Corporate 13 - Fixed shadow and arrow bug
Fixed: Demo Law Firm - Non responsive slider
Fixed: Demo Resume - White Icons where shoul be dark
Fixed: Bootstrap "container-lg" and "container-xl" conflict. Now porto uses "container-lg-custom" and "container-xl-custom" 
Fixed: Elements Media - Youtube video not loading
Fixed: Elements Forms User Profile - Validation issue
Fixed: Porto Admin Extension - CSS from Porto Admin breaking forms layout
Fixed: Social Icons - Always applying white background in some pages
Fixed: Landing Page - Wrong Spacement at first load of page when using isotope layout
Fixed: Header Big Input Hidden Search - Showing duplicate "X" 

Removed: Nivo Slider

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Images and Videos

  • The images and videos used on the demo site are for demonstration purposes only and are not included in the download file.

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