Poetry Therapy, My Outlet in Managing My Anger

Poetry therapy is the intentional use of poetry and other forms of literature for healing and personal growth. The objective is to achieve psychological well-being and healing through the uses of poetry or other spoken or written media.

But in my case, I used poetry as my outlet in managing my anger. I put everything into writing instead of expressing it verbally since anger is a negative emotion. It is a negative feeling that could destroy relationships and personal self-esteem. It should be managed wisely to avoid its ill-effects in our personality.

Even though anger is a natural emotion, but sometimes it can lead to uncomfortable and uncontrollable behavior as if anger is controlling us. But if we let our feelings out by writing about them, we can reread them and be able to laugh about it once our anger subsides.

Writing our anger out is very healing especially in the form of poetry that can bring up ideas, thoughts, and insights we didn’t know were there. Surprisingly, we would be amazed with ourselves.

One thing to be aware of, aggravating our anger is not a good idea. What we need is transformation, by learning how to express and understand ourselves from a different perspective. And this time through poetry writing or composition.

Learning to forgive others and learning to forgive ourselves takes time in controlling our anger. Although, forgiveness is a powerful tool but if we allow anger and other negative feelings to crowd our positive feelings, we might find ourselves swallowed up by our own bitterness or sense of injustice. But if we can forgive someone who angered us, we might both learn from the situation.

When we learn how to work with our anger, we are contributing to our own good physical health and the health of our relationships. Anger is not wrong or bad, the bottom line is in learning how we can harness our anger.

So, the key with anger is balance. Having safe and positive ways to express our anger is very important. It is our capability to train ourselves on how to control our temper and to remain calm.

In fact, we can use anger as a motivation to achieve something. To avoid trouble for instance, we can learn how to keep our cool instead of reacting to the cause of our anger. Although, it’s normal to feel angry when we’ve been mistreated, it only becomes a problem when we harm ourselves or others.

So, why not try using poetry to ease you anger now? If I am able to manage mine, why can’t you?

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