Piano Online Lessons – Where Do You Get Your Motivation From?

There are numerous pros and cons you can mention when comparing piano online lessons to traditional lessons. But one key factor where traditionalists seem to have the edge is in motivation. Let’s face it – if you are essentially training yourself via online musical tuition (in written, audio and video lessons), won’t it all get a bit too hard when things get complicated? At least if you have a tutor you visit each week, they will be there to push you. This is true – but a touch of self-discipline and a simple motivational technique can soon fix that.

So how can you keep on track, and not just drift away, when things start getting a little difficult? How do you find the will and determination to keep going, when your life already has so many distractions? You may have the kids to pick up from school, and then feed. You may have had a tough day at work, and feel too tired to spend a little time putting your practice in. You may simply want to put your feet up and watch TV.

Visualization is key. You need to know what you want to achieve and what it feels like when you have. In fact, it helps if you believe that you have achieved it already. When a successful entrepreneur desires to achieve something, he establishes a clear vision of exactly what he wants, and by when. He does not concern himself at this stage with the “how”. He simply convinces himself that he has already achieved his goal, utilizing the power of his own imagination.

If it is a company he wants to acquire, he will keep an image of it close by, and look at it 2 or 3 times a day. He will feel intense desire to possess this company, which will further drive his own business forward. This ‘ritual’ ensures the actual method of accomplishment becomes apparent, when required. Because he is constantly thinking of his goal, he will, almost subconsciously, take certain actions, or meet certain people, that will move him towards it.

So can you apply such motivational tools when taking piano online lessons? Absolutely!

Numerous successful people throughout history have used visualization techniques to motivate themselves to achieve their innermost desires. To say that such luminaries as Beethoven, Shakespeare, Einstein and Henry Ford used this method is not an overstatement. They simply used regular and consistent visualization to intensely see and feel what they desired, until their goal had been attained.

So how do you apply similar methods in order to keep on track with your piano tuition? To start with, close your eyes and picture yourself at the piano. See yourself where you want to be when you become an expert – maybe at Madison Square Gardens, or the Albert Hall. Maybe playing in your local bar – or just entertaining close family and friends. Do you have a favorite piece of music – maybe so moving that it makes you cry? Or a rocking number that you’d love to be able to play and sing along to. Set out in your goal to master successfully that one piece of music that means so much to you.

Write these goals down, or better still, get pictures of them, and put them somewhere prominent where you will see them at least 2 or 3 times daily. As you begin learning piano, there will be times when you think ” this is too hard” – especially at first. But keep seeing, feeling and desiring, your inspirational goals, believing intensely that you will achieve them, and you will burst through the pain barrier in time. Practice, persistence, and inner self-belief goes a long way and will help you achieve all of your piano online lessons targets.

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