Personal Development Tips – 2 Great Autosuggestion Techniques

Autosuggestion is a powerful technique that can help us overcome our deficiencies, smash through the barriers to our success, and increase confidence leading to improved decisions, greater results, and a higher level of overall happiness and satisfaction.

Autosuggestion techniques typically involve self-affirmation, reinforcement of positive beliefs, and an overall boost of confidence and ability through recollection of past successes, improvements and other events.

There are two different thoughts on autosuggestion. One camp views it as self delusion, merely a process by which we deceive ourselves of who we truly are. While this is partially true, autosuggestion techniques aren’t about fooling ourselves.

Instead they’re about emphasizing our qualities to create success. The other camp, more supportive of autosuggestion, believes that the best way to improve ourselves is through positive reinforcement, something that autosuggestion can create.

These two autosuggestion techniques may prove useful for self improvement:

1. Use a mirror for autosuggestion.

A mirror is valuable because it provides us with someone to speak to directly. We’ve all talked ourselves up at some point to boost confidence and belief, but it often fails because we don’t see ourselves directly encouraging that success.

A mirror makes the message more direct, more simple, and more likely to truly stick.

2. Selectively time your autosuggestion sessions.

Our chemical composition changes over the course of the day, and as a result our emotions change from receptive to less responsive and more closed. It’s important to time your autosuggestion techniques to allow maximum effectiveness.

For most people, this means practicing autosuggestion shortly before falling asleep, or using positive techniques early in the morning.

Experiment with different times and see which is most effective for self improvement and positive thinking.

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Source by Jag Foo

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